Thursday, October 21

The boredom of unemployment.

Wake up.  Bound of bed, racing for coffee.  It's 6:20am, and people may have been posting jobs for a few seconds.  Who wants to hire me?  Who wants to hire me??  So I get all jazzy hands because I think I'm awesome.  And deserve work.  (No, totally not big-headed here.)

Half hour later, coffee is gone, and job hunting is taking a hiatus.  Well...maybe I'll shower now.  Sure.  Shower, shower.  Oh hey, might as well shave my legs.  It's been a couple years.  Shave, shave.  Get out of shower and at least get dressed.  Sometimes I rock the turbin for an hour.  Don't judge.

Ooooo, what's this, I miss an email!  Ooo, someone wants letter of recommendations??  Yes.


But then slowly...the jobs just aren't there for the day.  This breeds high levels of boredom.  I could do the dishes.  But they're done.  I could do the laundry.  But there's not even half a load.  I could plan out dinner for a month.  But I eat based on cravings, not deduced worm hole theories.

So welcome to today.  I'm bored.  And it's barely passed 9:00am.


  1. Good God I remember this.

    I took a lot of walks, read a TON of books, and watched a shit ton of tv.

    For 6 months.


    Sending positive HIRE ME vibes through the internet.

  2. Boo! That stinks! I hope you get an offer soon!