Sunday, October 17

Houston, this might take awhile.

Friday night was spent like a rock star.  I was curled up next to the fire with an eco-living book (yes, printed on post-consumer paper) watching Say Yes to the (Overpriced) Dress and Giuliana & Bill (new favorite!)...but I was also handed a piece of information.

This WONDERFUL piece of information.

It's no hidden fact that I'm trying to make it back into the work force.  But this past week, I've really become aware at how bad it is in the state.  Like really bad.  I'd be embarrassed if I worked in government here.  The mud-slinging ads are in full effect since elections are very soon, and it seems that every candidate is being accused of padding their incomes while at eBay or [some other company], buying personal yachts, then laying off workers and sending jobs to China.

So I've decided to run for office.  I'll be running on the forum of charging for plastic bags at grocery stores, tax credits for buying yurts and organic produce, and allowing gay marriage (California, if you enact gay marriage...the revenue will help pull you out of this fiscal nightmare.  Because gays are the biggest divas when throwing parties.  Source.)

Okay, no, not really.  I'd be the worst politician.  First...I admit to loooooving a cocktail at 5pm.  Or 4:30pm.  Sometimes even 4:00pm.

I wonder if Meghan McCain would blog along my tour though.  I love her.  And her boobies. Despite any backlash you received from your Twitpic.

And for those who wonder...does she vote Republican?  Or Democratic?  Well...I don't like to affiliate with either one in entirety.  I vote based on the issues, because I believe each party has very good principals.  I enjoy having guns in my house and the right to use them.  But I also believe in comprehensive sex education.  That includes banana demonstrations.  And slide shows of nasty infections as scare tactics.

I'm still on a 90-day plan of "You can do it!"  I'm not completely sure if I can land something by January 1st, but I know I'll find something.  It may not be working as an Executive Secretary for a VP of Product Development and Sales.  But something will happen.  There's just far less opportunities than Virginia.  So that 5-week success story for Norfolk probably won't happen here.  I feel like I'm back in Oregon.  It's not good.

As my mom always says (and you obviously never want to agree with your parents, because they're your parents and made you have a bedtime growing up), "Everything happens for a reason."

I know, Mom, I know.

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  1. That is why I'm voting yes on the marijuana. The state needs the tax revenue.