Tuesday, October 12

Job hunting is like dating. Suck.

I hate being home all day.  I hate not having a routine.  I hate being so bored that I look forward to 4pm...because then either I have a cocktail or a sweat session.  This depends on what kind of a day it is. ;)

Today was a good day.  I went for a short 3-mile run to the beach.

Yesterday wasn't so good.  I had a cocktail.  Then another.  And Mr. Wookie was home for my funk fest.  I don't think he was too intrigued by it.  But now he knows how boring it can be being home and not working.

But I realize this stuff take time.  I can't just wish myself a job.  I need to be a pain in the ass, make people see that I'm awesome, and they can't wait to hire me.  It'll just take a little bit of time.  So until then, I get to do the laundry, the dishes, make the bed every morning (stab me), and dream of Corporate America.

And Mr. Wookie is very happy being back on this coast.  So I have to be happy for him.  Because this is what we wanted.  Had we stayed in Virginia, he'd be gearing up for a deployment in the very near future.  And I'd be stuck in Virginia for Christmas.  Alone.

So until I land that job that makes me smile, it's Betty Homemaker.  Snore.


  1. I feel your pain... I've been doing the Betty Homemaker thing for the past year. One year exactly tomorrow, actually. I still don't make the bed though...

  2. Does it get any better, oh military Yoda?

  3. Ohhhh unemployment how dull you are!

    I bow to you and send corporate vibes your way.

  4. I remember our move to San Antonio, it took 3 months to find a job. It was the worst! I hope you find something soon!

  5. I'll be positive and say that it does. Except for that making the bed thing, I've embraced the domestic and learned to sew, and be crafty, and make delicious food. I'm almost ready to switch over to making all our bread (and that'll cross one off the 30 before 30 list!). But I still want a job.