Monday, October 11

What??? It's Monday again??

Well Mr. Wookie scared the crap outta me when he woke up past 8:00am.  OMG, aren't you going into work today???  Apparently he has today off.  Due to working other days this week.  Okay, phew!

This marks Week #3 of "Let's improve this unemployment!"

I'd like work by January 1st.  I come to understand that while Ventura County is quite expensive to live in...their income levels aren't Orange County.  AND...this state is severely lacking in governmental structure.  So this shit-hole state (not your fault California, just who ever budgets your state dollars) is still on the rebuild.  Mrs. Wookie may not be making the top of her income spectrum...(boo)...but I guess a job is better than...well...this pathetic housewife life I live (snore!).

Ever used  Well...I can now say I have.

It's not new news that I'm the new kid in town and lack any sort of social circle outside of Mr. Wookie, a few of his squadron mates, and the 3 turtles who trust us for food.  Well...I found a fledging social group on MeetUp and decided to attend the coffee/thrifting event yesterday.

It was a blast.  I met some fantabulous people.  Half new to the area, half needing friends like myself.  So while no one was up for running a 10K or Half Marathon any time soon, I have some convincing to do.  But at least there were a few who were interested in kayaking and biking.  Yes, athletic endeavors!  I'm also going to join in on the Wednesday morning yoga of another group while I'm not bringing in the bacon.

Saturday was low-key as Middle Sister and Boyfriend came over for the Oregon State/Arizona game.  I didn't wear my lucky shirt from last week like I should.  Maybe that's why it was a closer game than we wanted.  But a win is a win.

I really should paint my toenails again.  They're getting kinda shabby.

Oh, yes, how could I forget.  Our lovely upstairs neighbors.  While we haven't heard anything since Saturday, that morning was another great time of hearing stomping, swearing, and someone leaving out the door.  I distinctly heard a "F*** you."  And we still can't come to any conclusion of what they could be fighting over.  Either way, fix your shit by either counseling or divorce papers.  As your downstairs neighbors, whichever is quieter.  Please.

I need coffee.  And I'd like that now.  Happy Monday y'all.

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