Friday, October 22

Friday Fill-In #18

I'll let you in on a secret.  I always panic on Friday mornings when I've forgotten to do the fill-in.  It's like I forgot to do my Spanish homework sophomore year of high school and Senyora Theresa starts singing her collecting tarea song as she painfully strolls past each row like a prison warden.  How did I forget to do it?  Do I have to start writing this crap down in my planner?  Because that'll be the end of civilization as we know it.

1.)  Are you a night owl or an early bird? kinda like the early.  It's quiet.  I can make coffee, lounge around, read a book, and do nothing.  Just not exercise.  I've deduced I'm not the morning worker-outter yet.  I trip over my eyelids.  I'm much more of a needs-pent-up-stress-from-the-day to pump iron like Ah-nold or run like a ostrich (yes, that visual is what I look like.  Phoebe, eat your heart out.).

2.) What makes you jealous?
Yesterday Baby Sister went home for the weekend to see Little Man.  Damn her!

Employment makes me jealous.

People who don't have car payments make me jealous.

3.) Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping left?  When will you finish?  (There's only 63 days left!)
Mentally, yes.  It all starts with a list.  Then you connive with other members of the family to make sure there's no doubling.  But since we plan on traveling this year.  I'm debating how I'll go about that.  Have things shipped to Oregon?  Wait to purchase up there?  Hire Baby Sister to do the leg work then compensate her with beer financial assistance?

4.)  What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?
Well...the personal chef would be Mommy McD.  I miss her.  And her tumor.  And her mac 'n cheese.  And she needs to see me now as we're preparing a scheme to prevent her children from ever spelling again.  (Read here for all juicy details on that.)

5.) Where was your first kiss?
Shudder.  A crappy 80's car.  Front seat.  It was like kissing an ostrich.  Maybe that's where I got the running technique from.  I was running away.


  1. Oi. Miss you too.

    Currently I'm making mac and cheese. But, it's Annie's.

    I'm also making chicken nuggets (the vegan variety) and french fries. Ore ida. [You have to remain american, after all]

    Oh, and I'm making Progresso Chicken Noodle.

    Because my trolls, and the Ogre are all sick.
    I really, truly do feel like a personal chef this evening.

  2. We need to get DH a car when he gets back and it will be our first time with a car payment. This is a very scary concept for me. My advice for Christmas? Buy off of Amazon, use the gift wrapping service for a small fee, and ship to the final destination. We always travel for Christmas and I do this for at least half my gifts.