Wednesday, October 20

Wednesday's Verbal Vomit

I have nothing really to talk about here in the land of Southern California, minus the intense storm system that went through the area yesterday.  Lights flickered and we lost power.  Momentarily.  And I'm assuming there were a billion accidents yesterday because these people freak out over a tablespoon of water being on the roadway.

But this storm paled in comparison to the lovely East Coast storms.

Let's talk zombies, shall we. of my awesomest old coworkers emailed me this.  (Too lazy to click?  Okay, I'll explain).  It's the zombie game that's sweeping college campuses and cities where you have zombies vs. not-yet-zombies race.  There's check points, safety measures, and prizes.  Doh!  Why can't I still be in Norfolk????  I'd be the best zombie ever!

Yesterday I logged back into my Bank of America account and saw that...that punk ass bastard didn't reverse the charge like he said.  Grrrr!!!!  So back to calling 1-800-this-bank-will-continue-to-f***-with-me...I explain the situation ever-so-patiently and get the fee reversed.  Again.  And...(check out how awesome this is)...the guy waves the "monthly fee" until February.  He must have felt for the military sob story I gave him.  Muhahah!  Sweet!  No reDONKulously high balance needed.  Now if only they knew I'm going to be transferring to USAA soon.  But...that's what you get for kicking me while I'm down.

Mr. Wookie's slowly coming down with the Squadron Bug.  It's part sore throat, part chills, part feel-like-crap.  It's never fun when men get sick because they think the world is caving in on them.  This time it's not true for him.  He's more mopey than anything.  Last night he curled up on the couch with my Navy tie blanket and my purple quilt (both, very masculine!).  He just wanted to get warm.  Poor guy.

I'm trying my hardest via vitamins, steroids, and moonshine to not catch this.  I'll keep you posted.  And mentioning this will either land me in ICU or on Dancing with the Stars because I'll be that immune.

I was blog hopping today and came across one that idolized the Oregon Ducks. For anyone who doesn't know, the Yucks are the other school in the state.  I had to immediately kill the blog, SpyWare my computer, restart Blogger, baptize the mouse, and face the laptop towards Beaver Gear for 5 prayers today.

I'm hungry.  What should I have for my first dinner?  Someone won't be home until later.  So I'll have my second dinner then.

Our lovely upstairs neighbors have been at it again, with this past Sunday being the worst ever!  I was woken up at 5:45am to EARTH SHATTERing yelling, screaming, crying, and walls shaking.  WTF?  And no, I didn't call the cops.  I could have.  But I prefer to think that if you're dumb enough to stay in the relationship...well you've made your bed.  And I've been told the man is a substance-abusing waste of carbon.  So why should I waste more of California's lack-of-money when you clearly just need to shoot the bastard.  I'm cool with gunshots.  Just as long as it's one shot, one kill.  So...I've written the HOA regarding these fun-loving people.  Can't wait for that memo to grace their doorstep.

We're still a few episodes behind in Mad Men....and one blog had a spoiler in their headline!  Oi, we have to catch up!

I can't wait until Halloween.  Mainly because I want to buy the ugly pumpkins super cheap so I can just bake with them.  Although Mr. Wookie may surprise me by bringing home ones to carve (he really likes to express his creativity sometimes).  And now that we're on the West Coast, the suckers won't mold within 2 days of cutting!  Because last year pissed me off.  The day after Halloween the pumpkin was toast.  And he only carved it a few days before.  Stupid East Coast humidity.

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  1. Your blog is so cute! I am returning the snooping. HA. But yeah we had Bank of America as well and we moved our primary account to USAA as well. I love it. they are so nice and probably the best bank I have ever banked with. They have killer rates too, and cheaper in car insurance : )

    X Michel X