Thursday, October 14

Karmic Trips in SoCal.

I've wanted to wait until blogging about our place until we got it set up and beautified.  Well...that's...not happened yet.  I mean, we have the big ticket items.  But we lack character.  Here's where I said I'd shine.


And fail.  End scene.

Well today I decided to get out and about.  Or aboot, if your Canadian.  First off, I dropped off some pending-for-the-consignment-shop piles of goods that I no longer wore/liked/fit to earn some money since my financial situation is that of a homeless person.  Except they pan-handle and bring in more than I do.  So fail again.  I'm beat by the homeless.  Okay, except that I have a home.  Just an undecorated one.  But they may have a tent with a really cool design.  Okay, enough of the tangent Mrs. Wookie, get back on topic.

Anyways, Harper Blue is this FANTABULOUS little consignment shop in Ventura, California that specializes in all things fashionable.  Think Buffalo Exchange minus the seedy little see-you-next-Tuesday who works the register and won't take your Lucky jeans because it's not the second Thursday since the last full moon after her husband went underway.  (BF = not a fan.)

So let's hope those 47 pieces are worth a little cheddar.

Like this cheddar.

Or this.  Sweet ride.  I'd roll in it.

I also had a box o' clothes that didn't fit, so instead of giving to the "shit shops" (i.e. Goodwill where they charge reDONK prices for literal shit) I instead found the local women's shelter which gives the clothes for FREE.  Shout out to y'all:  I urge everyone to do a yearly purge.  These ladies always appreciate it.  Or should you get knocked up, and don't have a Ging to give your tampons too (no really, thanks to Mommy McD for hers after she peed on the stick)...they could use them too.  And if you're super awesome...donate your time.  Because the karma bank always could use a feeding.  And I'm pretty sure your soul could too.  Unless you worship the Devil.  Which why are you reading this WHOLESOME blog anyways???

And thankfully as I was sitting in my car trying to figure out what to do next, I get a phone call.  Yes, it was a good thing I wasn't driving, because I was SO pulled over a couple weeks ago for jabbing on my phone like Zha Zha Gabor.  Woops.  But thanks to heavy cleavage, I didn't get a ticket.  Just kidding.  But this redhead can totally play a dumbass.  Just call me Gingy S. Pierce.

Back to that phone call.  Well, back in the day, for that Navy Ball...

This Ball.

Well,...........I may or may not have gone to the Origins counter in Macy's and connived someone to do my makeup.  Hey, I'm unemployed....back up sista!  All it cost was some red lipstick (don't worry, the red totally goes with my skin).  Then to make the girl feel important I booked a facial with her the day before my birthday.  Come that day, I had an interview instead.  Interview vs. Facial....umm, ya, I may love me some pampering...but so does my bank account.  So interview it was.

Getting back to where I was going.  The Origins counter girl totally called me out on missing the appointment! So I graciously apologize that I had an interview and had spaced the facial. "Okay, well when are you available to come in next?"  What???  She's totally giving me another chance???  Score.  Awesome.  Rad.  Swell.  So at 2pm this afternoon, I had an hour long facial in the beauty department of Macy's.  And it rocked.  Why pay $75 for this kinda crap??  Ya, there was droning of elevator music and phone conversations...but they make it worth it.  Promise.  So get your ass to an Origins counter (or Mac or Clinique or whatevs!) and get some free pampering.  If you feel guilty, buy something.  Like a $14 face wash.  (For the record: I didn't buy a dammmmmmmmn thing.)

Then I went to the 2-story Target and bought my ass a mop.  Because a girl's gotta have clean floors.  In case I start crying because I'm going crazy and feel the need to eat Cheez-It's off the ground.  (Organic Cheez-It's mind you.  Just kidding.  Them bitches crazy for buying that crap.)

After my shopping spree of an on-sale Libman Wonder Mop (thank you Grilled Cheesus!), I decided to hit up some thrift stores since I still want to make this place awesome.

Thrift shit store FAILURE.  If I wanted to wade through a bazillion layers of nasty shit to find cute matching lamps, some wall decor, and some decorative pieces, I no longer have to go into the Bangladeshi slums.  Welcome to Ventura, y'all.  I'm not impressed.  I wouldn't go back.  There wasn't anything remotely interesting.  No awesome treasures.  NOTHING.  I thought I'd be able to find something that would work.  But nope...not a thing...empty polypropylene bag back to my car.  Cue the Charlie Brown music...wah wah wah.

My luck ended with the consignment shop.  Everybody with me now, "Boooo!"

Do you have any good websites for eco-conscious home goods?  Recycled plastic anything? Repurposed something else?

We need everything from place mats, to napkins, to wall art, to ANYTHING.

Share with me.  You show me yours, I'll show you mine.  Promise.


  1. Wow. Total stream of consciousness.
    How many VnT's did you have? Because you talked about swapping tampons....
    Which, if I weren't one of the swappers - might have been weird.


    It's still weird...

    Anyway, what kind of deco's do you want?
    Any idea? Or is it just a "I'll get wet when I see it"?

  2. Would you believe none? I had one pumpkin ale. That's it.

    I guess I felt the need for productivity....just not on resumes. :)