Tuesday, October 19

Little Man vs. Canon

Need some pep in your pick-me-up?  How 'bout some Little Man!

Sheriff was antagonizing the Little Man on Sunday.  And Little Man is this close to terrorizing Grampa's high-priced equipment.  Oi!  Don't Little Man, I was hoping to score if off the Sheriff when he upgrades!

Little Man is growing ever cuter.  The family is fighting over who can afford to Fed Ex/UPS/DHL him to visit.  I said I could use him to troll for millionaires, since I won't build a Warren Buffet-style pension from my line of work.  Time to string in some money, honey.  And hopefully my next future husband will have one foot in the grave ala Anna Nicole.  Money doesn't always come easy.  But I think Little Man can bring in some serious bacon.  Let's hope his parents are on board with loaning him out!

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