Friday, October 1

Welcome October, I just don't know if I really want you here.

To me, October means fall.  And in Oregon, fall means the tree changes, it may rain (depending on locale), and the weather crispens.  It's wonderful.  And also, my FAVORITE, most people "pale out" from the summer.  Unless they're one of those Oompa Loompa-looking Sorostitutes that also rocks Uggs and mini skirts in Winter.

People need to enjoy the pale skin.  I do.

But with the changing of the month, comes the creeping-closer birthday of mine.  And according to our pillow talk last night, I'm not ready for this.  Quoting Knocked Up, I'm going to be "old as f***."  I'm not turning 27 without a fight.  What the heck happened???  Wasn't I just 25?????  Since when did 30 come ever closer???  

I'm not happy.

And what's worse than my birthday list.

It's lame.  And not granny panty-wearing retirement-home fake-hip lame.

I told Mommy McD I wanted flexible cutting boards.  Wooow, watch out!  She's a wild one!

How did this happen?  I went from receiving Wild Turkey for my 21st birthday, to drooling over flexible cutting boards for my 27.  This list needs help.  And more than Aquanet can provide.


  1. Use your flexible cutting boards to cut lime slices for your tequila shots!

  2. OOooooo, I may have to take you up on that! After I get more photo storage to show you! :D

  3. The trees don't change where I grew up...

  4. That's true. But you didn't grow up in Methford. :D

    Have you figured out the dates you're going home yet?? Cascade Lakes relay??

  5. Well we'll probably fly in June 8. Stay a day up North to visit with a couple of friends, then we'll head down south the evening of the ninth. Bro's grad day is the 10th.
    Then Mark flies home a few days later.
    Then flies back July 2, and we all fly home July 5.

  6. So, in other words, Nope. No CLR 2011... Unless there is a team you're thinking of joining and you need another person. I may be able to figure that one out - but it's pretty highly doubtful.

  7. Okay, we'll have to work out other races. Hmm...

    How about an NYC race for my 30th? :D

  8. I thought NYC was a given for your 30th?

    I mean, The shopping and stuff. Adding a race just makes it easier to justify the drinking.

    Or a yogathon. I'm game for pretty much whatever.

  9. your not in trouble yet..this year My Man bought me olay anti aging cream for my birthday. Instead of crying and throwing it at him I sqealed and jumped around hugging it...that is sad!