Wednesday, October 6

Little Man sponsored by Skype.

Sunday was all fun as Little Man was up and active, and ready for a Skype session with his favorite Gingy Aunt.  Technology is so great where I can catch up on his abilities while lounging from the comfort of my leather sofas.

The obvious display of ability is the Little Man's increasing mobility.  Yay!  Finally!  Time to terrorize your parents.  Just watch out for their hearth.  I have flashbacks of my own childhood where we used to smash each other against it, but then have to bribe the injured sibling to not get us in trouble.  Siblings.  Never a tighter bond.

Little Man just isn't a fan of conventional crawling.  He's more of a bear crawler.

In the words of Wayne's World, "EXTREME CLOSE-UP!!!!"

He wants to walk, and has the leg strength, just the balance is the issue.  He's like a bum, found on a city park, that's still drunk from last night, who wonders into traffic.  It's not pretty.

Mmmmm, book!

And here's where Child Services steps in.  Little Man is totally munching on an empty cigar tube.  The Sheriff acquired some samples, and this tube just hadn't made it to the recycling bin yet.  But it looks like he doesn't mind.  Or, he's prepared for seer-sucker suits and plantation homesteads.

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