Sunday, December 19

Back from the weekend...

If it were any other weekend, we'd be hitting the slopes, drinking in the evenings, and recovering from the severely low weather that's inhabiting the area.

Instead, we spent this weekend getting ready for a wedding, attending a wedding, surviving a reception, and avoiding the prerequisite morning-after feeling of cold toilet seat and garter belts that plague the young crowds at weddings.

The best of wishes to the bride and groom.  The wedding was beautiful, the reception amazing, the food DELICIOUS, and my date: hot shit. But I'm partial, that's all.

I also wished I had snowshoes.  (Come on, "Santa!")

The view from the Inn...gorgeous.  The pictures will be amazing despite the FRIGID temperatures that are in the area. It's steadily below 30.  There's a reason why lesbians don't shave their legs: warmth.  Damn for being hetero...

Proof we attended a wedding...



For some reason my damn flash went off...The wedding was about 45 attendees, 4 attendants total, and because the wedding was delayed 30 minutes..........the bar opened early.  Amen.


We avoided every, "So you're next" or "When are you two getting married?" or "Has he even proposed yet?" or "How long have you been together?" or "How come no kids?" or (insert more questions because there was quite the interest in us)...and like any good PR team, we avoid comments like the best of them.  Deny, deny, deny.  Then secretly let them know you actually got married 2 years ago and you're just not telling anyone.  Are we lying or are we not??  Muhahahhaa.

One vodka tonic and one name tag.

And one box o' favorage.  M&M's.  Chocolate...never a bad thing.

So when will nuptials occur for the Wookie & Co. household?  When people stop asking.  And then maybe we'll blog about it.  But most likely not.  Because that would give away our secret.  And the vague cloud of mystery is more entertaining.


  1. Damn you Mrs. Wookie and your cloud of mystery!!! Perhaps because you go by "Mrs." that's a clue? Drat, I'm too tired to figure out this riddle. Plus I was struck down with food poisoning this weekend, so I'm still on a liquid (non-alcohol sadly) diet. Glad to hear you had a better weekend than I! Hooray for you for getting farther north on the West Coast :)

  2. Ugh, I want to know! This is worse than waiting to find out who shot Mr. Burns. But I am glad you had a nice time...the pictures are beautiful!