Thursday, December 2

Hopefully the new year brings some whiskers and kisses. for the form of a pet rescue!!!

Ever since I've been recently stalking the local Cat's Cradle Rescue, I realize I still want a cat.  Mr. Wookie and I have been talking dogs lately, because he really wants a dog in the house.  And...that he hasn't denied cat ownership either is sweeeet!  So...after the New Year may actually happen for us.  It's been our timeline for pet ownership, since we'll be vagrant for the holidays.  Finally.  We get to show love to the four-legged variety!

But there is a dealbreaker.

The litter box.

And I agree.

And no, teaching the cat to go outside isn't an option.  We live on the "first floor," but it's a story above the ground.  So poor Fluffer will die from the dismount.  And that's not good pet ownership.

We don't want a litter box in the bathroom.  In the kitchen.  Out in the open air, exposed anywhere in the house.  Because nothing deters guests like wafting poop. However, this could be used to get rid of house guests that overstay their welcome.  We'll have to keep that thought in the arsenal, though.

So thank goodness Google comprehends, "stylish litter box furniture."

And up pops this magical creature.

Is this not hilarious???  I think I would die.  And for only $129.99, plus tax, shipping/handling, and colonoscopy could be mine.  A semi-hidden litter box for the cat to access without us having to look at the clumped turds of Mr. Whiskers.  Or Wookie Jr.  Whatever we name it.  And I don't know if I'd actually go for this exact one, but this is what we agree upon when we need to have it camouflaged.  Not that the giant entryway of a paw print doesn't scream "Captain Four Paws shits here!"

But now you get the drift of what we're thinking when we're thinking gatos.

And you know it would be a bad idea for me now to visit the rescue groups already and fall in love with a feline friend before the holidays.  Because I couldn't take it home with me immediately and nuzzle it's neck with love.  It'd watch me pack my bags for Christmas, think we're abandoning it, then it'd piss on my bed.  And I just changed the sheets, thanks.

So we'll wait.  Anxiously.  But I know there'll be a cat there that'll love this Ging.  I hope my belief in "the right cat will choose me" will work.  I hope to visit, play with them, and hope one gets all up in my business with kisses, love and affection, and the numbers to PowerBall so I can bring home $60 million. Okay, that might not happen.  And with luck, it'll be a mature adult who plenty of life left in them to want to be a part of our family.  And hopefully they don't have an agent who'll want 10% of the royalties the cat will make from being on the blog.  I can only handle one diva at a time.  And that's Mr. Wookie.


  1. you will love having a cat! they're the funniest things ever. we're waiting till post christmas for a new one too.

  2. Awww, we are getting a kitten at the beginning of the year also! I'm so excited for you and Mr. Wookie! Post pictures when you bring that little fur ball home! Also, I've been toying with the idea of buying a disguised litterbox as well! I'm not sure which one I want to get but we'll see.

  3. I think this post-Christmas will have me more excited than for actual Christmas. There's just something about coming home to furries friends when the Navy needs a certain roommate of mine.

    And I'm hoping Mr. Indoor Cat won't require too much extracurricular costs since he/she won't be able to fight with the local racoons/wildlife. And we have hippie cleaners, so I don't think vinegar and water will poison too much.

    But I will definitely post about the litter box furniture for all to see/enjoy/mock heavily. :D

  4. I think that litter box is awesome! I'd impart some of my cat wisdom, but unfortunately I have none. OccDoc wants a cats, but he doesn't want the litter box. And I don't need to add another litter box to my cleaning schedule. I can't wait to see photos of your newest addition.

  5. That is the best litter box ever! I love it!

  6. Ugh. You're so domesticated.

    Hubband and I haven't even taken the leap of "pet faith" yet.

  7. Also, my "word verification" seemed like a good name to consider for your gato.

    I dont' know why. It just seems like a good cat name.