Sunday, December 5

The evil-eyed monster within.

I will not troll before I have the means to bring home a feline.

I will not drool over the Humane Society's cats available for adoption, even though Papi looks adorable, is a big tomcat, and has a kick-ass name.

I will not dream of the cat food dishes I'll have in our kitchen.  And whether or not it's weird to have a coordinating placemat in case they spill.

I will not plan the eco-friendly housing of the cat with compostable litter, refurbed scratching posts, and collars made of recycled magazines.

I will not fawn over the extreme cuteness of the kittens available because I believe an adult cat will appreciate my love more and be more subdued overall.

I will not make any rash decisions, emailing groups over specific cats, until January.

I will take my time in adopting a cat.

I look forward to this more than Christmas itself.  And that even includes the holidays with Little Man as opposed to his incubized situation last year.  What's been a couple years in the making is coming to life.  And a cat to nuzzle on when Mr. Wookie's away with the Navy is music to my ears.  In the words of Babe, Pig in the City,..."La La La!!!"


  1. I will not further chip away at your admirable resolve by commenting on how sweet Papi looks, with that charming face and furry substance to him with which kittens just can't compete. I won't tell you how he reminds me of my first cat, a male we adopted as an adult because he was so chill that he was completely unfazed by my three-year-old brother's enthusiastic greeting.

    I will tell you that I am vicariously excited about your cat-adoption quest, and that I look forward to hearing about the feline companion you do eventually wind up acquiring!

  2. Isn't he just adorb!? So...yes...back in Virginia the cat bandwagon never festered like this. I guess now I realize that we can actually have pets in our living situation. So we're just a tad excited.

    The worst part is woooosaaaah-ing enough to calm down and get presents purchased before Christmas tackles me out of surprise.

    Then a gato.

  3. Whoa, Papi is gorgeous. Just sayin' Stay off petfinder, OccDoc tried to put a parent-safety-filter on my computer (and failed) before he left to block that website. He shouldn't have used the dog's name for the password...