Monday, December 20

The lazy side of Christmas...

My dearest blogger in Olympia wants us to show her our Christmas....

But first let's preface.  Christmas trees in California cost more than labioplasty in Beverly Hills.  We're not going to be around on actual Christmas day, so what the heck is the point?  We're in the Navy, and I love to not have lots of possessions to trump around to every corner of the country, so we like to have little decorations make a big effect.

So without further adieu...

Our fire place.  End scene.

We don't have stockings because we've never gotten around to it.  But this is our Christmas-scape.  One strand of lighted garland in all its glory.  Simple but festive.

When you don't have a garage to hold the bazillion decorations a house can have for Christmas, you tend to purposely have a light load.  And because I don't ever want to be on Hoarders because of toy soldiers, candy cane pathway lights, replacement bulbs from 1956, and some wrapping paper that may have lead paint as an ingredient, we keep it simple.

Now give me a few days when I'll be at my parents' house for the second half of the holidays.  It makes up for what we lack.  And then some.


  1. I really want some of that for my fireplace.

  2. Better than our decorations, or lack thereof. I was too lazy after term ended to do any decorating, plus the thought of putting everything way after Christmas. I think last year my decorations stayed up until the end of January. I'm doing what you're doing, going to the parent's house and enjoying their decorations :)