Friday, December 3

We'll always be Beaver Nation.

How unfortunate.  I used to like her.  Not it seems not so much.  It's just sad to see someone fall to the bandwagon effect as opposed to true fanship.

JOKE:  What do Beaver Fans and Duck Fans have in common?  Both never went to University of Oregon!  (Zing!)

Explanation:  Well...the picture above clearly states the joke.  Ms. Witherspoon never attended the University, yet, is donning a baseball hat.

Definition:  In a few years, when their record isn't so great (yes, this sounds familiar to Beaver Nation right now - but all my Beaver gear is clean and ready for tomorrow!!!)...that hat will lay dusty in her huge walk-in closet.  Along with the scorned wedding dress to Ryan Phillipe.  Maybe then she'll burn both.

Title: Bandwagon fan.

Beaver fans are true fans...despite losing to Washington State (I'm still, 'really???'). #Fail.  I have stories of waking up super early to be in line at 5am on Monday mornings for football tickets.  I've camped out for 3 days (we called it "urban camping") outside of the ticket office for Civil War tickets my last football season in college.  There were tents wrapped around the basketball facility.  Our spot happened to be Tent #7.  And the logistics alone were killer.  We had shifts so people could go to class, food deliveries, and extra sleeping bags for when the nights got super cold.  But we were die hard.  We're fans.  Till the end.

So this weekend, like good fans, we're donning our Orange and Black with other Beaver Nation fans in the area for some good, ol' fashioned Civil War action.  And it's going to be brutal.  As season ticket holders for Oregon State, the family will grace their seats for another year of hosting the fairy-feathered Ducks.  And it's never civil between the two parties (Oregon and Oregon State) as a whole.  Spitting, verbal aggression, and massive hostility is felt towards the other side.

The only fairness I'll allow is routing for your alma mater.  So, if you've actually graduated from Oregon...I tip my hat to you.  Not many do. ;)  The best bumper sticker at Oregon State was/is, "Duck fans bag my groceries."  So if you're a bandwagon fan, step off.  Because I will end you.  With the slap of my Oregon State degree.  Bitch.

But let's return to nice Mrs. Wookie.  Good luck boys.  We'll be rooting for you.  From sunny California.  Amidst Trojan and Bruin fans.  But we're here.


  1. I wish I could make my font on this furking huge:


    Seriously, bandwagoneers - break a wheel already.

  2. The Sheriff would consider it photoshopped. Can't be true.

  3. I'm reading along and (in my head) chimes in a religious black woman yelling "amen!" at each line.