Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve to all!!

From the bottom of this blogger's heart, I hope you're having the best holiday season life can bring you.  But it wouldn't be a Wookie & Co. Christmas, with a little snarky holiday behavior.  And cocktails.  Because I have a reputation to uphold.

It's been 3 years since I've been home for Christmas.  2008 was spent in Ohio with Mr. Wookie's dad's side of the family.  2009 was spent in Virginia because Mr. Wookie had the second leave period to the break in flight school.  So now we're back.  Well, I'm back.  Mr. Wookie's joining us for his first Christmas with my family (I know, it's been some time!).  Let's hope we don't scare him with our Griswald celebrations of Christmas.  At least there's no one here to come in saying, "Shitter's full!"

Like any good arrival into the airport, you need an embarrassing sign (Baby Sister posed crankily for this sign and said, "If you made me a gay ass sign, I'd break up with you."  She was joking.  I think.).  Done.  And good thing his flight was only delayed 8 minutes.  Otherwise I may have been cranky.  Because I had to leave my champagne glass at home.  A gigantic thank you to Mr. Wookie's family for loaning him to us this year.

Merry Christmas from Baby Sister's teeth.

Then Middle Sister had a surprise for Mama Ging.  Home-made stockings since the family is enlarging with births, engagements, splicings, and genetic mutations to the family's moles.

Now it's time to gorge.  While taking in the best movie of the year, A Christmas Story.  And more champagne in celebration of the holiday season.  And pajamas soon.  But not too soon.  There's still a half a bottle of champagne to drink.  And each holiday season needs a martyr.  I guess I'll fulfill that role.  Again.  I think Mr. Wookie will too.

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  1. Merry Christmas Eve to you as well. Can't wait to see guys on Sunday (or late Saturday night drinks? ). Baby sister didn't look too happy holding Wook's sign ...