Wednesday, December 15

What's it take to get a vacation from this blog???

Sometimes creativity lacks me.  Sometimes it fails me.  Sometimes my morning "happy sauce" (coffee) leaves me unmotivated.  And sometimes I have better things to do.  Like have a cocktail, watch us some Jeopardy, have another cocktail, realize it's extremely late, we leave the next day, and we haven't packed yet.

Totally normal.

So let's get packing.  But first, Mr. Wookie is a champion and BLASTS the Mariah Carey Christmas.  Because our neighbors were gone.  Minus the ones upstairs.  But they can suck it.  Because Mariah Carey is only good to listen to during Christmas.  And never to look at.  Shudder

This time we took an airport shuttle down to LAX because it was cheaper to do that than park our car for $30 a day at the nightmare of an airport for Los Angeles county.  Best thing: Napping on the ride down because I only got 3 hours of sleep (I woke up at 3:17am with a freakin' snotty nose).

But thanks to a not-full flight, I got to stretch out on 2 seats while Mr. Wookie played videogames on the aisle seat.  Then my ass woke up to this beautiful city.  Where I proceeded to harass this blogger that I brought the sunshine.  Apparently weather was lackluster before we arrived.  Ashley, you're welcome.

Thank goodness our TPS cover letter reached Mr. Wookie's parental units that we were starving.  And by "we," I mean me.  Because airport food is never very fulling. Mainly because you feel empty both emotionally and financially when they rape you $4 for a pack of peanuts that'll only cause you to have an allergy.  And they don't even say they're sorry.

Then the weather turned sour again as we got hit with a massive hailing.  Thank goodness we packed our snow gear.  Because real Californians would have died.  "Omg, it's so cold."  We're like, "Omg, where are our snowshoes!  (I sure hope "Santa" has been able to find them!  He's been having difficulty.  Despite the elves in Northern Oregon trying to help as well.  Thanks Collin and Katie.)

Said hail storm.  This was before my set of extensive cat naps on the couch while the rest of the family watched Inception.  I was in and out of consciousness more than Terry Schiavo.  What?  Wrong?  But I love vegetables!  And this day is a new day as we have needs of online shopping, real-time shopping, enjoying breakfast, having our second cup of coffee, and watching Mr. Wookie continue his videogaming habits as if we never left California.  I guess he didn't get the TPS cover letter that Christmas break is meant for family, not just holiday-beard growing.

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  1. Greatly appreciated the weather yesterday, it made a WORLD of difference on my commute to Seattle.

    But um, what's the deal with the weather right now?

    FIX IT.