Tuesday, December 28

It's good to be home.

Traveling for the holidays is never easy.  Especially when you're packing for 3 different climates, 2 states, and only want to pay one checked-bag fee.

The good...

We made it home to California.  AND there were live turtles to greet us.  We auto-fed them, auto-heat lamped them, and thank goodness, they auto-loved us when we got home.

We airport shuttled home (it costs $30 to park at LAX each day, or $12 at some off-site creepy lots each day), which allowed us to nap our asses home.  What's better than being dropped off at your doorstep?  Well...besides waking up mid-traffic because the start-stop-slam-gas-stop-barf-inducing effects are more than your inner ear can handle...  Nothing.  For half the price of parking your car, you can get a ride there...and roll in a molester van in style.

I slept most of the flight.  Mr. Wookie did not.  Instead he slept most of the shuttle ride home (which was about 2 hours...because we don't exactly live close to the airport).

The bad...

The traffic yesterday morning was unbearable.  Because of the deluge of water, the PCH was closed because of a mud slide.  WTH?  We leave for 2 weeks and California goes to shit.  Okay, technically, it just slides down further on the the scale.  Because there's rumors that they'll be asking the government for another bailout.  And not just a bucket for the water...

I may have forgotten my uploading cord for my Sony Cybershot at my parents (Mom, can you check around, it's a cord that looks like a Cat 'n 9 Tails.  It's black.  Maybe 2' long.  Thanks!).

Because we packed light, and Christmas was an onslaught of possessions, we had to leave some at my parents' home to be trekked down with Middle Sister.  We'll be nabbing these on Sunday from Pasadena.  Thank you Middle Sister!

The ugly...

Our house was a whopping 63 degrees when we came home last night.  I might as well have worn home my snow pants and jacket because there were icicles off my nose as soon as we opened the door.

After suffering through 48-hours of illness last week, the mucus is catching up with me.  I have a wad o' snot lingering off the back side of my sinuses...that won't slide down...instead it's on my gag reflex...and no amount of hocking will dislodge it.  Good thing Mr. Wookie's not home (get it? 'snot home....'), because he'd leave me.  And take his Christmas gifts with him...

And before we left, we decided to do the "We'll deal with the fridge after we get home" option.  And now...well...the whole thing needs to be cleaned.  Because 1 zucchini after 2 weeks looks like a green, furry slug in the drawer.  And that's not appetizing.  Unless you're a green, furry slug eater.  I'm not.

Regular blogging will recommence after we've recovered from today's laundry, cleaning, and relaxing.  And after my second cup of coffee.



  1. HAHA I keep my house at 63 degrees when we aren't at work on purpose.

    Which means since I work from home, it's 63 degrees RIGHT NOW.


    The things I do for savings.

  2. First off - if you had those green veggie things - your veg would be safe.

    Secondly, compared to the sauna of 78 degrees you normally keep your pad - are your balls still attached? I'm sure they're frozen.

    Miss you.

  3. oh man traveling always seems to be the same with us, only I clean out the fridge and we come home tired and have no food to feed 4 kids

  4. I am looking forward to your regular blogging. After the second cup of coffee, of course. Glad you survived. And just so you know, California went to shit long before you arrived...

  5. My husband keeps the thermostat set at 58 degrees when we are actually living in the house. Either he's part polar bear or he's trying to make me last longer by refrigerating me.

    The joke's on him though because I might last longer but I'm going to do it wearing two layers of sweatpants and a thick wooly grandma sweater.

  6. Random side note - if you're going out of LAX, I really like The Parking Spot. The vans are easy to identify, the site is clean, and you can usually find coupons on their site ("valet for the self-parking price"). If you're gone for more than a few days, it may be cheaper just to take a shuttle.