Monday, December 20

He's so cute when he lies.

This morning I woke up not feeling 100%.  The nose was running a little more than just-allergies, a sore right side of my throat, and I needed some drugs to stop it before it progressed into a bigger illness.  I'm thinking it was the change from dry mountain air to dreary, rainy harbor weather.

Thank you local GNC for the drugs, Zinc lozenges, and no sales tax.

We ran a few errands on the day, but after I got back...I was feeling a bit more wiped than I wanted to feel.  So I told Mr. Wookie to wake me at 4:30pm.  It was 3:49pm.  I wanted to nap just a bit to recharge.  That's all.  Sleep does a body good.

At 5:30pm, Mr. Wookie wakes me.

"Why didn't you wake me at 4:30pm??"
"Because you looked so peaceful sleeping."
Awwwww.  He's so cute.

But then I thought about it.
"So did I not wake up when you tried??"
"Nope.  Not at all."

As usual, Mrs. Wookie sleeps like a tranquilizer'd buffalo.


  1. You sound like my husband. I can get him to open his eyes and answer questions (generally he just says yes to everything) but he's asleep the entire time. This used to worry me, but now I just use it to my advantage.

  2. Feel better! And looks like you have a great time up North at the wedding!