Sunday, February 27

vegan week: Day 2

Well at least I got a run in today.  In case you missed this morning's fun, be sure to check in on my first Green Monster experience.  I do have about 4 cups of spinach left (if not more), and will experience different recipes to see if I can fully appreciate the spinach smoothie.  Obviously you'd hate to miss out on the fun, so you'll be sure to be checking back with me to see if I fail at veganism.

I will say, I now know why vegans are so skinny.  They're starving!

Okay, this may or may not be true.  But I will say, I'm starving.  I feel like I'm constantly hungry.  This may be because I'm used to eating whenever I'm hungry.  I do tend to eat 6 mini meals a day to help keep the blood sugar at a functioning level.  But now, I have to think about everything I eat.  I can't just whip out a protein bar, because the factory that produces it also produces dairy products (I'm being very strict in my vegan week).

I do believe that lots can be taken from being vegan for one week.  It takes constant conscious efforts to ensure my meals are balanced and as nutritious as possible while omitting dairy and flesh.  I will take the thought process of beginning each meal vegan-based.  There are strong nutrients to a vegan base.

Let's take a look at my dinner tonight.

Tonight I had sweet potato and black bean chili over rice.  The rice was leftover.  What did I want to do with this meal?  I wanted to throw some pungent cheese over it and wrap it into a tortilla.  Instead, I ate it as it was.  Tonight I was just hungry.  I wanted something quick.  And I didn't want to slave over the stage because THE OSCARS WERE ON!  So it was boring, bland, and blah.

I will try much harder tomorrow to create something more exciting and filling than tonight's rendition.

Baby Sister and I tweeted tonight.  We're kinda over this.  We're hungry.  And ya know?  Girl Scout cookies are NOT vegan.  #butthurt  But I'm holding out.  I will complete this week.  Maybe tomorrow will be better. I hope so.

But I understand veganism.  I do.  When you don't agree with the practices of the food industry, you don't participate in the food industry.  You choose to shop via farmer's markets, farm stands, and such.  I command you for holding strong to your convictions.  I don't have these feelings...with meat.  I do participate in a produce delivery with local providers so I kinda get it.  Kinda.  Sorta.  Maybe so.

Veganism is good to prevent mindless snacking.  Although Mommy McD did bring to my attention that Ruffles are vegan.  Ingredients: potatoes, oil, and salt.

I assume this will get easier as I figure out what the heck I'm doing in the kitchen, and realize all the things I can eat once I get familiar with the program.  I was also challenged on Facebook to a Vegan Month.  Ummm, we'll see about that.


  1. Find something vegan that is protein, or you won't make it. Your body is telling you it needs protein.
    Please watch your bloodsugar. This weeks not worth your health.
    That goes for you to Hayley.

  2. I am hungry for you just reading this post. :)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, you're doing better than I did during my Week of Vegan. (In college, a Greek Orthodox friend tried to convince me to be vegan with him throughout Lent. I bargained him down to just Holy Week, since I'm a Protestant wimp.)

    Anyway, I remember eating lots of fruit. And pinto beans out of the can. LOTS of pinto beans out of the can. And that was pretty much relatively exciting soups or smoothies or chilis. I'm impressed by your creativity, effort, and food-blogger-aptitude.

  4. Vegan recipe #1:
    homemade hummus
    other veggies of your liking
    homemade whole wheat tortilla

    Lots of protein!

  5. Wow, a vegan month would be tough. I like Katie's recipe