Sunday, September 14

Another airplane, another summer day...

So as much as I love Michael Buble crooning that song, there comes a point when you realize music has a point. I just want to be home.

Well because of Hayley moving to Portland, and U-Haul charging more for one-way trips, I was able to relocate my beloved possessions to the Southern half of the state. Yay!

So this morning, my dad and I ventured to my 5'x10' jail cell of my life for the past year, packed it all into the trailer and headed south. You have no idea how good it feels to have my life sort-of coming together. I mean I'm still technically a "temp" at where I work, wook is still 3,000 miles away, but things are eventually going to get there. Since Trac will be making it back to Corvallis here in the next week or so, my mom will finally be able to tell me where I can be (she doesn't know which room she wants yet, lol, so I get the one she doesn't, which is fine by me. You guys know how I can't decide over anything!).

So until then, I'm planning on going through my boxes of things and paring down. Not sure by how much. I think half would be impressive. But honestly I don't know what all I have in there. A lot has happened in the year since I've packed up my life. It's hard going back. I know I did find a brand new box of tampons. Sweetness. There's 8 bucks, lol.

I do know that I'll be donating/recycling things I already know I can part with. Some of the less fabulous towels I'll probably give to the Humane Society. Any unopened bath products, old clothes, etc., I'll give to the Magdalene Home (for teen mothers). I just feel like ridding of anything not pertinent at this time in my life. And by all means does that mean I'm parting with my Corningware. I worked hard for that stuff. Besides that'll come in handy when my mother resorts me to becoming a Scientology Stepford wife-slash-party hostess, lol.

And as hard as I looked, I couldn't find a picture of what the storage unit looked like in Corvallis. It was packed to the brim, believe me. I'll be sure to document my progress with this new one seeing as it's an upgrade to 10'x10'. And Kerby thinks I'm nuts, but I do plan on pimping out my couch in it. Why not have it set up just a tad so I can escape the confines of living with my parents? And Kerb, I'll check on that internet connection for you, lol.

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