Friday, September 26

The perfect trifecta...

So this week was a lil rougher than I would have liked. I was begging for it to be Friday on Monday afternoon. I just wasn't feeling like being a.) awake, b.) social, and c.) at work (no, that's not the perfect trifecta I speak of).

The perfect trifecta comes from an amazing rest of the day, today.

First off, Stacey agreed to join me for pizza at a local hotspot, Bruno's. It's been a family favorite for years, especially their hot turkey sandwiches. But this time, I decided to mix it up. Taco pizza. Divine. Heavenly. Blow-my-skirt-up delicious. Beyond words. And it's for lunch tomorrow.

B.) The Beavs hosted USC. Now all I asked for was a good game. Just please show up, unlike that Penn St. game. But when I ask for the team to show up, I didn't expect an annihilation. We smoked USC the first half. I do give then credit for a strong return in the second half (which is what happened 2 years ago when LaRoque had to deflect the pass), but damn. What a night.

And lastly, I got to have an e-date with wook. It's not too often that we get to chat with the actual webcam. Usually he's too busy with school or I'm already in bed, lol. But tonight was cute. He's cute. We're attempting to scrap together plans around the Christmas holiday. How nice would that be. And only 8 months apart to get to that point. Oh joy (get it? double pun, lol).

So now that it's 12:45am, technically Friday morning, I need sleep to function tomorrow.

And kudos for those who rocked their orange in support. Let's just say the pizza parlor was definitely fans of the Orange.

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