Monday, September 8

To move, or not to move...

Now I realize this title may bring a flood of information and questions to mind...but if you just keep reading, you'll get the picture. ;)

So as everyone knows, or at least they will now, I'm not the biggest fan of Florida. The humidity, the lack of culture, the swampland...not really my boat. I prefer mountains, trees, lesbians...basically Oregon (and part of Washington). So unfortunately this isn't the blog where I debate whether to trek across the States. That ship sailed long ago for Oregonian waters. Now it's wook's turn. :)

The real question is: to move downstairs to the "oldest kid's room" or stay in the upstairs one? I've been debating the pros and cons for each, and am slightly leaning towards the upstairs one I'm still in. While the downstairs one does have it's own bathroom, although it may be off the family room, it is a reduction in size. That room is only 12'x10'. I'm planning on unearthing the Queen bed from storage this weekend (can I get a shwing?), so Stacey thought that a Queen would take up most of that. The room I'm in now is 10'x14' (at least, I think). And while I don't have my own bathroom, it makes up in the ability of housing a real sized bed and dresser (and perhaps a quilting table if I can find the finesse. After just visiting my Aunt Kaye this weekend, who is the family quilter, I'm thinking I might try my hand at making something a lil chic-er than the Amish tend to do.).

The main point in contention is the fact that the downstairs room is right off the family room, a place that usually holds the visitors to the house which usually include Trac and Hayley's friend, i.e. sqwuaking teenagers. Now while I realize that I too was one to my brother's friends, I don't hold it against him for leaving the house when we were around. I have a feeling that a month of Trac and Hay being home for Christmas and being parked right outside my door will have an overwhelming effect on my sanity, drinking level, and suicide attempts.

So for now the inkling is the stay put where I'm at, minus do a lil fall cleaning. :)

The good news about this weekend is that because we'll have an empty U-Haul coming back down to Medford ('cuz it's cheaper to bring the thing back to the starting point than dump it up there), I'll be bringing home all my possessions that have been in storage for the past year. Yay. I plan on spending a lot of time going thru my things, seeing what I can get rid of, what I want to keep, and clearing out my room from the absolute clutter it has taken on. People don't seem to get that moving from 900+ square feet to 140 sqft is a difficult task. So at least I'll be able to have my things close by in a storage unit, so I can easily swing by if I need my camping gear for the weekend as opposed to having it stacked in a corner.

But as everyone knows about my ability to make a decision, this may not be the last opinion I have on the matter. But so far I'm making plans for paint. I think that's a good start. The fun job will be actually deciding on a color. Yay for having a blog. :)

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