Tuesday, September 2

Farewell Le Canadienne...

So as anyone can tell when involved with the military, people move. People move near, people move far. I, however, still hate it when people move anywhere.

This Monday marked my farewell to Crowe, as he leaves Wednesday evening with Collin for Power School in Charleston, NC. Oh the waterworks. As much as I pride myself on being a strong female, I lose it when it comes to people I care about putting many miles between myself and our next visitation. Crowe didn't slip the noose as I cried saying goodbye to him in his parking lot at Park West. I just hate it how we're all being torn apart, even though we had it coming being in ROTC all these years (and yes, I talk as if I were in ROTC too. I mean, I practially was. I went to 7 balls.)

So here's a shot of Crowe being...well, Crowe. We were in the parking lot of a Safeway in Tacoma, Washington, trying to kill time during some part of the weekend of Norm getting married. It definitely showcases his personality...and his junk (i.e. played with a lot. Shwing!).

So until I can make it up there to visit him, it'll be Christmas cards and emails.

And now I have to go back to work. I hate when lunchtime blogging takes up my whole lunch so I can't eat. Ugh. Oh well, I need to not eat after my 1400 calorie lunch at PF Chang's yesterday. Yes, I am a fatty. Okay, I'm leaving now. I promise.


  1. Oh crowe. How I miss study dates in the lounge with thee.

  2. So I managed to keep the tears in while I waved like a retarded 5 year old as my boy and the one guy left in corvallis to entertain my boy drove away. What did I do then you ask? Went home and sobbed with a vodka and tonic while I unpacked boxes...
    mmmm... vodka and tonic... going to go pour another...