Saturday, September 20

Dreams, Interpretations, and Crack Cocaine...

So this week has been an entertaining one to say the least. My mind has been running on all cylinders, whether I like it or not. And one of the things I get a kick out of is trying to interpret what my brain wiring is saying. Well after last night, I'm thinking it's a SOS.

Obviously the longer that you wait, the more detail is lost after waking up (thus this 7:15am on a weekend post!). So as long as I can tell, I was up camping with a friend. Unfortunately this friend didn't look familiar enough to attach an identity, but she was blonde and about my that of course narrows it down, lol. Anyways, we're just hanging around the camp fire having fun, relaxing, enjoying the evening chatting about whatever, and then all of a sudden it's the next day. And now I'm in this girl's friend's/sister's wedding. As like the Maid of Honor! I proceeded to walk around naked until it was time to get dressed. I can't remember if I was alone or not, but a lil nudity never hurt anyone. So I put on the dress, got my string of flowers I was suppose to carry and lined up. Halfway thru the processional, some guy yelled, "Stop! Let's do it over!" Umm, buddy, this is the real deal, not rehearsal, lol. So we lined back up just for him.

But the kicker of this dream was that after the wedding (I can't remember if it actually went through or was called off), we watched a video from the night before around the campfire. I mean, how fun is it to watch the events of last night unfold even after one's memory goes a lil foggy. ;)

Well there, outta nowhere, is me, cozied up around the fire, pipe in hand, smoking crack. No joke. Foggy smoke. Me rambling on because I've lost all sense of myself. I definitely don't remember doing this the night before. Apparently crack kills your short term memory. But I mean, apparently I was having run rambling on current events and philosophical agendas like any drug-induced person should. It just killed me that I'd do crack even in my dreams. Weird.

So like any inquiring person, I check out the interpretation for this dream.

Apparently any reference of drugs in dreams is a sign that one is trying to mask problems, attempting to find a quick fix to something. Well, duh. Any half-ass shrink could tell you that. So thinking about application in that manner, I'd have to agree that I do believe I'm looking for something to do in this town, which is stay busy. I won't allow myself to sit on the couch watching endless hours of tv feeling sorry that I'm militarily single. I need to get up, get moving, and have fun. Which is what I'm doing in half an hour, as Stacey and I head south to play at Castle Crags. (In other words, I need to get the move on).

I just thought it was entertaining that crack was my drug of choice. Crimany. Let's not start out with pot, which is not as expensive. Let's just go for the big stuff. And not cocaine, 'cuz that's too richy-rich of an image, let's be street/hood and smoke the good stuff. Okay, thug Ashley, let's go cap Fiddy Cent in the ass.

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  1. Have fun this weekend. Be safe. You freakin crack head.