Thursday, September 18

I should have known...

So I got a text today from wook. Unfortunately this wasn't the text. (For those who don't know, wook hears "land" or "carrier" soon.) It was the text saying that his graduation is postponed until Monday. Yup. No hearing land or carrier until Monday.

I should have seen this coming. And although I know that wook enjoys his rare days off, I know he's wanting to know just like the rest of us how much his life might suck in the future. There are some stations that, let's just say, aren't in our Top 100 (i.e. Virginia and Oklahoma. And no offense to those stationed in the VA. I would love to mingle with fellow Oregonians - it's one of my favorite hobbies - I just prefer well...Oregonians in Oregon, and the occasional transplantee to Washington.)

So ya, luckily I have a full plate this weekend of activities. Stacey and I are going down to the Castle Crag State Park near Dunsmuir, CA, to lesbian it up. The hiking there is supposed to be gorgeous. Hopefully pictures and a blog post can verify. Hopefully it's not the last hike of the summer. My dad and I are still thinking Mt. McLoughlin the weekend before my birthday. Hopefully the weather cooperates. I know it'll be windy and probably a bit nippy, it's 9,495's bound to be a bit cooler than the valley floor. I'll be sure to have cake when I'm done. ;)


  1. suckfest. why was graduation delayed?

  2. so the guys finishing this weekend don't have to wait 2 weeks until the next class finishes.