Sunday, September 14

What's in the water?

So not this past weekend, but the one before that (or do I say not this weekend, 'cuz technically it's still the weekend being Sunday evening), either way...Matt Schaefer joined Worth, signed on the dotted line, and said, "I do" to a wife.

The ceremony was in Springfield, reception in Eugene, while the odor of green and yellow stunk up the air. Not my favorite city, but I was hugely excited to see my Aunt Kaye. Yay. My dad called her "the eccentric aunt" after I mentioned that none of her coffee mugs match each other. I love it. I'm the eccentric Aunt Bop. :)

Post nuptials, the happy couple move their way towards the exit. The ceremony was decent in length. Her bridesmaids were gorgeous, especially the redhead. :) The colors were a basil/sage green, navy blue, and white. I think it was all coordinated by the bride, which to my knowledge went off without a hitch. Look at those smiles.

The candlelight-scape of the cake. It was deeeelicious! Yum yum yum. One layer was chocolate and cherry, the other was lemon poppyseed, and the third and least tasty was spice. The only thing I questioned was the choice in flowers. Lilies? Aren't those funeral flowers?

These were the infamous white chocolate candies at every table. Ya, we ended up raiding other tables to take them with us. Again. Deeeelicious! And then we left them in the car as Stacey and I were so hungry when we got into Medford that we went back to my parents' place for dinner. Ya, cars don't run with a/c on all the time.

Attack of the Giggles, Round One! I can't remember what was soo funny, but it was. And I'm not blaming it on the booze either. While the wine bar was hosted the entire night, I only had 3 glasses of wine. The first was an awful merlot that was too warm and freshly opened. I ended up ditching it for the White Zin. (So as you do the math, I acquired 3 glasses, but only drank 2 of them). And then there was the toast of champagne, sparkling white wine, whatever it was, which I guess makes 4. Oh well, get off the shed.

And to note the top 2 perks of the night:

1.) Cameron Bailey came with his girlfriend, Katie. It was sooo good to see him. While his girlfriend was a lil shy at first, she came outta her shell and we even got invited to her birthday party in October. Sweetness.

2.) a cute waiter. Ya, the code word was banana whenever he was going to come into someone's field of vision. Then the oogling began.

Yes, get that cake crack-a-lackin! But by "crack-a-lackin," I mean tastfully cutting the cake in a manner that doesn't resemble a serial killer. One of the two cake cutters took to it like a machete to your face. Too rough an image, okay, think Sharon Stone and an ice pick.

Attack of the Giggles, Round 2! Again, attempting to pose for a picture, we lose all coordination and bust up laughing. This was after the 3 glasses total. Oh well, it's a wedding. You're supposed to have fun. Thankfully were weren't as bad as the one girl who couldn't even sign out her tab at the bar. To make it even better, she kept asking Matt, "so what are you doing on your wedding night?" Well I'm going to guess it's what half of the couples do on their wedding night. Sleep. (Ya, check that fact. 50% of couples on their wedding night don't do the horizontal polka, nor the baw-chick-a-wa-wa.)

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