Wednesday, September 10

Floridian arrival!

So as of last night, Crowe and Collin have made it to Occupied Alabama. Yay! Because wook was on watch last night until 10:00 CST, Joe had the privilege of entertaining them until wook became available. Oh, how I miss those boys.

This morning consisted of breakfast before Joe and wook had to be where they had to be. Who know what Collin and Crowe are going to get themselves into. Probably sand. I mean, that's one nice thing about Florida...especially in the fall. All the locals think the beach is too cold in the high 80's, lol. Yay for being from Oregon (or at least hailing from there for the last 5 years after denouncing your Canadienne-ness).

And like any good military girlfriend, I had a care package hitch the ride East filled with yumminess for a certain boy's stomach. I had to throw in my favorite local wine, a Merlot from Bridgeview out of Cave Junction. Some underoos, because the boy said he was low. Some Beaver gear. Some snacks. And a card, that talked about his booty. ;) Overall, successful. A very well-timed "pick-me-up."

I believe the boys are head out Saturday afternoon. Not sure if Collin will continue East or fly outta PNS back to Oregon. Either way, I imagine that I won't hear from wook much while they're there. I mean, it's like College 2.0. Just a much shorter, not as fun, version. But I'm pretty sure they'll take what they can get.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you went to a wedding this weekend... And I'm pretty sure you still haven't blogged about it...