Wednesday, September 10

Riddle me this...

So life has stumped me yet again in my quest for figuring crap out.

Last night I was in search of hanging files. Just generic, 11" wide, hanging file folders. At Office Depot there were an array of colors, sizes, and styles. All I wanted were ones that held stuff. Not looking for ones that did my laundry, although that'd be nice right about now. Well in my state of "reduce, reuse, recycle" I was shocked to find the "95% Post-Consumer Recycled" were dollars lower than their virgin paper counterparts.

Did I fall into a wormhole? How could recycled be cheaper? I mean this is the way life should work, but sadly it doesn't. Anyways, like any happy kindergarten with a crayon up their nose, I smiled my way to the check out counter.

And I'd just like to verbalize a trend I'm seeing and wonder if anyone else is afflicted.

So unfortunately I have to work and wasn't born with a nice trust fund cushion. Well wake up comes at 6am (whether I actually get outta bed then is a different story), but either way the alarm still plays The Office theme song at 6am. :)

During the day I'll have 1-2 cups of doctored coffee in order to not be yawning throughout the day. Sometimes I'm not alone in this behavior. Well recently I've found myself to getting a second wind about the time the sky gets dark. As cool as this is, I still love my sleep and so I have to coax myself to bed sometimes. (If you've ever gotten a late night email, that's the coaxing I'm talking about, lol). But lately I've been trying to clean up my room in preparation for bringing down my Queen bed. Oh yaaaa. (But lately I've been debating when I can move out. Like by next summer? As you can tell by my blog title, I do yoyo on topics. So don't be surprised if there are more to come in that category).

I just wanted to rant about how I can be dead tired in the morning off of 7 hours sleep (I'm used to 8-9...muhahahaha. Yes, I hear some people complaining that they don't get enough because they have kids, or breaking relationships, or just a severe drinking problem. I'm alone. I can stand to pamper myself with 9 hours of shut-eye), but then can't make it to bed at a reasonable hour to do myself justice. I need to work on my priorities. I'm trying.

As Peter Griffin would say, "that really grinds my gears."

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