Wednesday, September 3

Remembering the good times...

In honor of the good times known as college, here's a shot from Fall Ball '06 (I believe. They all seem to run together. And yes, Williams was on the other side of Crowe. Oops, did I crop him out?)

And I must say first, this dress was totally swimming on me. I bought it in...Hawaii?...I dunno, I forget. But I was on vacation and was a nice size 8. But then I proceeded to continue my yoyo of weight and so I didn't realize that it didn't fit really until it was too late. Go figure. Oh well. There's always next time for me to alter it. Or just wait until another fluctuation, lol.

Navy boy updates:

Joe is still existing in Florida, which is good. He's looking for that all-around, American girl, but unfortunately the South just doesn't seem to be providing. Duh, it's all that swampland. They're too dense and hot for their cousins. Better luck elsewhere. Let's go wingman.

Andy's doing well in the VA. I actually got to talk to him the other day. He's loving his station and his schedule for next year is reeee-dick-ulous! In the early part of 2009, he'll be playing up by Scotland and England. And theeeen, he'll be doing drug stuff in the Caribbean/South American waters. As Sarah would say, "Saweet!"

As mentioned before, Crowe will be doing Power School in the NC. It'll be about a year and a half of balls-to-the-wall schooling. I definitely don't wish that on anyone. But as wook says, "he's the dumb shit that chose that. He could have gone on a vacation and flown."

That leaves my handsome. He's 7 flights shy of finishing Primary. Yay! He might be looking at a Cross Country flight this week, but sometimes news isn't best traveled to wook in the timeliest of manners (which can be explained by his impromptu flight to Jersey). The only thing I ask for is a postcard. Is that so much? I'm thinking he gets off pretty easy. That's what you get for dating a badass redhead. :)

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  1. Thanks, Bob. I know you know how I'm feeling. I have a whole list of things to do while he's away, I just have to get through this week.