Thursday, September 11

My latest favorite...

So I love trying new things, unless it's shoes that give me narly blisters, and finding what'll be a new staple in my life. Well thank you Sally Beauty (just 'cuz that's where I got it) for my latest addiction. Okay, maybe not an addiction. But at least my latest beauty staple: dry shampoo.

For those who don't know what this fabulosity's like insta-greasy-head-zapper. Not to say that I'm formulating enough to make a Mexican restaurant kitchen, but my second day on hair isn't as fabulous as the first. So I bust out the spray all over, let it sit, and brush it out. Voila. Fabulosity.

Now I realize that I could have documented it a la Mehgan's henna experience. a.) I'm too lazy because I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. b.) I'm too lazy because I still haven't blogged about Matt Schaefer's wedding. c.) I'm just too lazy because there are other things to do right now (such as text wook, put clothes on my body, and dream about my Queen size bed).

Now some people are highly opposed to the concept of not showering every day. I've always been for it (the not showering every day part), just 'cuz I don't get gross each day. I'm not out digging trenches with the Mexicans, or slaving over a construction site. I sit at a desk, sometimes walk around, which is most of my office day. I have been known to go to yoga twice a week, but that's in the evening and falls the night before my showering morning. Fabulosity.

And for those who aren't quite bought into the showering every other day mantra. I think dry shampoo still might find a way into your daily dish. Just think the last time you went camping. No shower for 3-4 days. Now that's really communing with nature. At least your hair won't look uber nappy at the end of the run. I wish I would have had some with me that last time I was up at Lake of the Woods. Then I could have at least looked really cute for the boys. (Not like there's a huge assortment up there. A couple jail baits, a couple "drunk tanks," and one sasquatch. I think I'll stick with Lt. Tarful's personal assistant.)

Plus not showering every day allows me a lil extra sleep in the morning. Ahhhh. Love it.

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  1. Yup, I'm pretty sure that you still have a wedding to post about...