Tuesday, August 31

Blogging from Hometown, Oregon

What does one do when you've just moved to a new part of the country and Mr. Wookie has Navy responsibilities not in the area?

Jump ship for Oregon!

Here my welcome committee of Little Man & Co. was a great reunion to the area.  I can't remember the last time I actually came home.  But alas, I'm here.  I had a great session with Little Man yesterday (he didn't cry!), but there was fussing and I couldn't find his damn owner's manual.  Nor the on/off switch.  But thank goodness he enjoyed being bopped around on my knee.  Plus he didn't puke on me.  Points.

So you've guessed it, if you haven't.  I know have perma-access to wifi thanks to the Sheriff.  I'll establish internet once I get back down to California.

But for the time being while I'm shortly militarily single, I'm going to spending the days going through my storage unit purging, donating, keeping, recycling every last bit of possession that place holds.  And honestly, I can't remember what's all in there.  Minus the blender.  I'm VERY aware there's a blender in there.  And my new kitchen needs it.  Because how else will we entertain all our guests without a blender.  Margaritas are a bitch to make Caveman-style.  Trust me.  I had to use a food processor once.  Never again.

And yesterday was a great day to come back to the Beaver State as it was overcast with proof of rain.  Ahhh, rain.  I love you.  It's been awhile.  Why don't you come visit down in SoCal.  I'm pretty sure everyone would run and hide.  Then the roads would be clear.  Then we could go on our merry way and not be hassled by Lexuses.  I mean, what's with them??  To own the car, do you have to drive like a douche?  Mr. Wookie believes so.  And I have to listen to his adopted East Coast-like road rage.  It's not pretty.  But at least we have fond, useful memories of Virginia.

And yes, I'm aware of my blog silence. Can't a girl settle into the new area code and figure her life out? Gosh. Tina, come get some dinner. And Vote for Pedro.


  1. I agree with big one. I figure it's something like "you are what you eat". Except, it's "you are what you drive".

    Mercedes, Lexus', and the occasional beemer are all pretty douchetastic.