Saturday, December 13

The end of the tunnel...

What's a girl to say about living with her parents? Lots. Loads. Mucho.

The good: FREE (saves up quite the cash stash)

The bad: The stigma of living with your parents...

The ugly: Going from 900+sqft of your own apartment, to 120sqft. Not easy.

So my goal since moving back for the umpteenth time since visiting wook was to finally get the important stuff out of storage. I was tired of having my feet hang off the bed, the closet was just not working for me...I just wanted my stuff again.

This weekend marked the official end of my lamentation/despair/depression. This morning I woke up bright and early with one thing on my checklist: Get the rest of the stuff along my wall (i.e. summer camping clothes, summer shoes, etc.), out to my storage unit. Now while some people see a storage unit as a waste of money, I see it as a necessity. There's no way to live with all my stuff in 120sqft. Especially since the unit was packed to the brim. Thankfully that all changed this morning as I rifled through stuff asking myself, When's the last time I used this? And while it's hard to let go of somethings, it's also easy. Cute lil knick-knacks that are only for decorating in college apartments, gone. I've done my Undergrad. I had a blast. Memories galore. But it's time to be a big girl and let go of the wall art I made in high school. Purple and pink. Who's really going to decorate like that in their 20's? Even Punky Brewster let go.

The day was an eventful one. I took equivalent to about 3 trunkloads of stuff to Goodwill and Saint Vincent DePaul, total. It was relieving. I figure the stuff might as well get used by someone and not just sitting around never to be used again. Plus, karma's always a good thing to have. I give, therefore I receive a fabulous trip back east to see that boy. Okay, so the trip was planned before I unearthed my unused possessions, but it's the thought that counts.

Anyways, since I haven't debuted my new room, I'll do the unveiling now.

So without further stalling...

This is the room. In all it's 10'x12' glory. Small, yet effective. It kinda reminds me of a nun's room. You get a bed, a clock, and a dresser. But when you live at home and all you need is a bedroom, there's not room nor need for excessive possessions. I do still need to bring in the headboard from the storage unit (which is accessible now, finally!) and hang that picture that you can kinda see on the floor. Then the room is seriously finished. And then comes the task of keeping it clean. Ugh.

This is a cross shot from the other side of my bed to the other half of the dresser and my coat rack. And now I realize I have a slight pattern of blue jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters. Hmm...

While this closet is by-no-means Oak Park standards, it's a vast improvement from what it was. I don't care how many people lobby for the typical shelf and full hanging system, I just can't do it. They drive me nuts. So for future reference, if you want to be my friend...just keep your closet doors closed. :)

I'm thoroughly impressed my mother actually accomplished this task. (Now I hear you now, Why didn't you put it up yourself if you didn't want the hassle? Because if you delegate and people do wrong, you're allowed to demoralize them. It's my way of a.) getting what I want, b.) and not having to do the work. Muahahah).

So what's next on my list? Packing for back East. I've never been to Nashville or Ohio, in the winter, so I'm packing everything I own including the toilet seat. Okay, maybe not everything I own. But enough to stay under the 50 lbs. limitation. I have a feeling I'm going to be in for more than I bargained for (i.e. White Christmas, new family members to meet, freezing my cha-chas off).

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