Friday, December 12

This is sad...I know...

So what's a girl to do who lives mucho miles from her boyfriend and only has a couple awesome friends left in the same timezone?

Well, adopt a vicarious couple!

Mine is Jim & Pam. Yes, them. I'm an Office junkie (thanks Collin and Katie, I still blame you) who even watches the webisodes and stalks their fansite. What else is a girl to do when that boy of mine is busy hosting a cocktail party?

Anyways, not to get detoured...but I saw this and couldn't think that a.) how awesome, b.) someone actually went to this length, and c.) I can't wait for Andy and Angela's the come out (that is...well after last night...*no spoiler alert*...but seriously, C&K...get with the program!, lol).

So what's a girl to do on a Friday night, with the weekend ahead of her before she flies outta town? Organizing, cleaning, and packing...that's what. I know I haven't blogged regularly in awhile but I've been busy attacking that downstairs bedroom that I now inhabit. The big bed is moved in, closet organizer up, so now I need to continue cleaning out my storage unit until only the important is left. That's what on my weekend plans for tomorrow. Once my camera battery is charged I'll post the new fabulosity in my life.

Here's to progress, a dwindling countdown, and a electric mattress pad...ahhh...heaven.

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