Tuesday, December 2

T-Minus 18 Days...

...and counting. And continually getting shorter. And I'm increasingly stressing about it.

Oh, "why?" you ask.

Well here's my compiled "To Do" list before I jet-set on December 19th, 2008 (in no particular order).
  • confirm Christmas card list, buy eco-friendly cards at Target, send out cards to awesome peoples
  • go to the dentist tomorrow for a cleaning
  • shop for family and friends (parents are the only ones done)
  • buy wook's family's gift (will definitely be a So. Oregon item)
  • tell temp agency of date additions
  • tell big boss of date additions
  • whiten teeth with Rembrant kit (perfect timing, right after a professional cleaning)
  • continue running (don't want to be less than a Marisa Miller look-a-like)
  • move bed into downstairs room (it's about that time people)
  • transfer possessions to other room/storage unit (new room = minimalism)
  • get hair cut and work the blowout for the next couple days (cheating, kinda, hehe)
  • make a list and pack!! (don't forget underwear, toothbrush, deoderant!)
  • go to yoga (to maintain my sanity...which I'm slowly losing the more I live away from wook)
  • tell wook about the Nashville surprise/gift (just don't know how yet...)
  • fix upstairs room with made-up beds for kids (aka the sisters)
  • laundry (always a good thing)
  • charge batteries for camera/mp3 player (gotta have solitary confinement for the plane and documentation of my travels)
  • tape tickets to wall so I don't lose them (always a worry)
  • shop for more Christmas surprises (muhhaha)
  • make sure luggage is under 50 lbs. (I don't want to pay more than the $15 for my first bag, thank you)
  • pay car payment...ugh (goodbye money)
  • pay off credit card statement...ugh (...and again)
  • pay gym dues...ugh (okay, this one I don't mind)
  • do toenails (hehe)
  • wrap & deliver/mail presents (before I leave, mind you)
  • help family make cookies/treats (if there's time)
  • ORCA Fire dinner on December 13th (with the family)
  • find phone charger! (I have to use my mom's 'cuz I don't know where mine is)

So ya...I'm internally knowing I should become frazzled at any moment. I'm hoping that by making a list, I can ward off any of the internal stress that can ruin my excitement of going back east. We'll see. At least the dentist will be crossed off tomorrow. I guess I could pay my bills now so the money's gone. Ugh. Money...gone. So sad. Oh well. I guess my real focus should be on what to get people. And getting out those Christmas cards. Bring on the handcramp.

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