Thursday, December 18

Well that was productive...

Well last night started out on a good note. I got off work, got my nails did, and then headed home. Broke out the leftovers from Saturday for dinner since my dad wasn't back in town yet from being up north. Well a little while later, wooooooosh...I feel like barfing.

So I didn't think it could have been low blood sugar since I just ate food. Ah man, now that I look back...those cheesy grits totally didn't taste like they did/should have. Uh oh. So I hung out with my head on the toilet for a little bit. Distracted myself in the tub, splashing water around like a toddler. I tried some Tums but to not prevail. Took a shot of Pepto but that made me want to barf instead.

And it's not like I knew I was going to throw up. I didn't get that lovely throat-coating slime that comes with impending doom. It was just plain nauseasness. Just lovely. So instead of packing, cleaning and getting my butt in gear from Friday's departure. I laid in bed, speaker phone to wook, "I feel like barfing," overall wonderfulness.

And like anyone who's sick in our family, you get the 'barf bowl' experience. This is the recipient of family up-chucks since the dinosaurs cooled. And we still use it to bake double batches of muffins in. Gross? Nooo...silly. There's washing machines with extra hot water for a reason. Hahahhaaha...

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  1. No, Bob, it's still gross. Give Wookie a huge hug for me!