Monday, December 15

Medford, snow?

Medford, Oregon. Population: 70,000 (within city limits). Elevation: 1,500 (ish).

Number of snow days received growing up in Medford, OR: 2 (once in 8th grade, and again as a Senior).

Anyways, last night took us by storm (haha) as the valley floor got a couple of inches.

Pretty dang cool.

I wasn't about to walk out from the door's lip as I was still in pj's and slippers.

How can someone not like the look of snow? Now I realize that places in the Northern half of the States can sometimes receive more than they can deal with. That's unfortunate. But it still looks cool. :)

This is the view from my dad's office. I took a picture through the window, because I was still half asleep and my hair was still wet from the shower.

Still not a bad view from our house to the Siskiyous. (Those big mountains that are way out).

Obviously this doesn't look like that much after just waking up at 7am. Ya, I was running a little behind in my sleep schedule. What do you expect with Nyquil? No, I'm not sick. But I have the feeling that I could become sick and I want to ward off any bad juju. Anybody know the number to the big black guy off of Major League who can rub my baseball bat and kill a chicken on my health's behalf?

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  1. Snow, she says, as it's 70 flipping degrees outside here. It's just not fair. Good luck not getting sick, I'll burn some incense or something for you.