Friday, December 19

The Final Countdown

So last night wasn't as speedy as I was hoping for. My hair appt got pushed back till 7pm (no biggie). I had to run down to my storage unit for my boots and long johns. Then my dad and I had to do covert ops across the street (I'll tell you more about that later). So by the time Katie got into town, I had only just started my laundry.

Well the escapade of stacking stuff to pack, then removing what I don't need, while alternating loads between the washer and dryer continued until 11:30. Then I thought, ah crap, I planned on getting up at 3am. After debating whether or not to call it a night while my last load was in the dryer, the automatic light turned off in the front room. Okay. Enough said. I'm going to bed.

That was met with resistance as I'm incredibly nervous/anxious about making my way across the States. Somehow I was sprinkled with fairy dust to knock me out until 2am. Beats zero sleep. So running on 2 and a half hours of charge, I managed to pack up the rest of my stuff. I even keep double and triple checking that I have the tickets just 'cuz panic and hysteria isn't far off from 2.5 hours of sleep.

So as the rest of the world wakes up on their own, fully rested after a comfortable night in bed, think good thoughts. Think that Ashley will order her standard in-flight ginger ale (helps the nerves), pop in the earbuds, and zonk.

Here's to the holidays in the Midwest. Oh ya, and with him. :)

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  1. I did not get a full nights sleep. I spent the night in the hospital. But I can tell you more about that when you're not with your bear.