Wednesday, December 17

Seriously...2 days...

So it's still unbelievable that in 2 days, well technically slightly less than that now, I will be on the move East to visit that boy of mine. Unfortunately there's still lots to do before I leave. Okay, not lots, but still some stuff.

I need to pack first off. Yes, this should be Goal Numero Uno, and it is, I've just had other things that have been in my way. Like work. But a girl will go crazy if I'm left with just my thoughts the whole day. That's why I have the phones and some accounting. To make my mind go crazy in other varieties.

Oh but first, the excitement during yesterday's lunch. So I went into the dentist for a lil touch-up to the outside of my teeth. So you know how you have enamel on the outside of your teeth? And if that enamel breaks down, and the destruction still occurs...ya got yourself a cavity. Well because the enamel on the teeth was beginning to be dangerously close to the cavity portion, was decided to fix up the very back molars.

So on goes the gas mask.

I remember staring at the light, getting black spots in my vision, getting incredibly warm. I think I'm going to pass out. So I tell the ladies I'm really light headed. They *brzzzz* (that's my noise for when they un-recline you) me back up. Ahhh, vision. Turns out I can't handle the "adult quantity" of gas. Why even have the gas you ask? Ashley + needles = slightly anxious Ashley. And fun stuff...I get to go back again today for the lower half of my very back molars. Yay.

Tonight I have an ongoing list of things to do just because I don't want to have any responsibility tomorrow except get my hair-did. That includes cleaning up the downstairs bathroom, packing most of everything up (except those daily use items), paying my car payment, reading more of Milk, Eggs, Vodka :), and whatever else is on that to-do list of mine.

So as it narrows up on 7:15 in the morning, I should really get my butt outta bed and moving onto getting ready for work. I wish I had the life of leisure, Victorian era mainly. Although there wouldn't be blogging, I'd have nothing better to do than read. And walk my dog Mimsy around my fabulous compound. Life's rough married to a doctor. Big house, wait staff, husband who I don't really like that much but is rich, ups my nobility, and is constantly away. Bring on the corset.


  1. It is interesting that you can't handle the adult quantity of gas. I recently read a medical study that proves redheads require more anesthetic than blondes or brunettes. As much as 20%. It has to do with the MC1R gene mutation. (the one that causes your red hair...) Anyway, its intriguing.

  2. Ya, I've read that too. But then I read that redheads have higher pain tolerances. Lol, scientists need to make up their minds.

    All I know is that I have a sensitivity to pain meds. Usually make me wanna vomit. That's when ya just cowgirl up.