Thursday, December 11

Mark, mark, mark...

So this evening as I got off work, I decided to give Mrs. McDaniel a call. The conversation is as follows...

*ring ring*

Mark: "Hello."

Me: "Good evening Mr. McDaniel, is Mrs. Clause there?"

Mark: "Ya, she's in the bath, want me to get her?"

Freeze frame: Mark. She's in the bath. A sanctuary away from children and husband. A place to experience serenity. To unwind after a day of screaming offspring. To recharge the batteries of sanity. A place to not be interrupted.

Me: "No, no, no, no...she's in the bath."

I don't think boys really get the idea of a bath. Besides the fact that you can fart in the water and make a jacuzzi. I sure enjoy the baths I take where I can close my eyes and pretend I don't live with my parents. Where I have my own place, a chic apartment in Greenwich Village. Okay, maybe not New York. I'm definitely a West Coast girl. But you get the idea.

1 comment:

  1. when you come to visit I'll so let you soak in my tub that has a jacuzzi already built in! and light candles etc. You'll never want to leave me.