Tuesday, December 16

Literally, poor Ashley

So today marked a monumental moment in Future Ashley's history. I opened my retirement account.

Here's my voluntary giving away of $4,000.00. Painful. But Future Ashley will enjoy it.
And I realize the cap is 5K. I'm holding out on that last thousand just incase I need the cash flow early next year (I have till April 15th to add. Kinda cool.)

I did have much more to ruminate about this evening, but I've seem to hit a wall in my thought process.

I do know that I don't have to cut off friendship to a certain person since I received her most excellent present in the mail this evening.

Things are coming together for my early morning departure on Friday. While I'm not packed yet, I have the list written up. I texted with an old college roommate this morning (she lives in Chicago, going to grad school), and she informed me it was 10 degrees there, wind chill at -18. Ugh. I will freeze my @$$ off. One reason why I haven't packed is because I'm not sure I want to see if I can fit all the layers into one suitcase. It just seems like a lot to pack when heading into Artic conditions. Am I going to Nashville or B-15? (Quiz. What's B-15? Dos puntos!)

I'm also attempting to train myself in sharing a bed. Now that I have my queen bed back, I've learned to love the sprawl action associated with military separation. Last time wook and I were together, we stayed on our own half. And we were only apart 3 months. (That seems like such child's play now, lol).

And I'm soo looking forward to my surprise in Nashville. I've informed wook that we're getting real pictures taken of us, because after 5 years...it's about time. :) I've posted her blog to the side, but if you're too lazy. Here. Part of my dilemma in packing is choosing a wardrobe that is travel friendly and photog friendly. Now you understand.

Thankfully my week (which work-wise ends on Thursday) ends with a hair appointment. Nothing relaxes a lady more than a salon shampoo (unfortunately I won't be receiving any complimentary scalp treatments. But a cute 'do is all I need). I worked it perfectly where I'll get my cut Thursday evening at like 6pm and be able to work the blowout the next day. Muahahah. Good planner, I am. I won't be getting much sleep anyways as I'll be up at 3am getting myself ready. Why 3am when I don't leave until 445? Hello, a girl likes to lay in bed and blog. :)

And on that note of being in bed and blogging, good night.

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