Sunday, December 14

Out with the old...

So I decided that I was getting tired of the pristine white background of my blog, and opted to change it up. I'll call it blog-color ADD. And I'd like to make note that this is the first change-a-roo in color since it's creation. That's not a bad run in Ashley's world.

I like the grey background. A fun change, but not too emo.

How'd I do it? Just a little "Shuffle blog colors." (It was just too hard to try and redo what I had done before. That's an undertaking Future Ashley will just have to worry about).

Oh ya, and I don't know how but somehow my watch didn't keep up with change in months and I've been technically a day behind in my schedule according to my watch. Don't know how. But it happened. But not like I mind having the my world move up 24 hours right now.

Curious? Well it's 5 days and 6 hours till I board my flight outta Medford.

Thanks for asking, haha. :)

*UPDATE* I've changed the background once again. I liked it last night before going to bed. But then wasn't in love with it again this morning. Well Britney Spears and I have a lot in common. Let's annul the union before it's too late. So now it's onto a raspberry color. Until I change my mind again.

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