Thursday, December 18

So Ashley's plan of attack...

So yesterday was a time of deep mental concentration, stalking airports' weather, re-writing packing lists, confirming things over with the photographer, and overall interrupting wookie from his busy schedule of turtle feedings, videogames, and lunch dates with Joe. (Okay, so really, he has a lot to do today including checking out of NAS Pensacola. Yay!!!)

Anyways, my deepest fear this season is not getting delayed. It's having my luggage go to Fargo while my body goes to Nashville. Well to kill those fears, I've executively decided to not check my bag (saves me $15 each way), but to simply downgrade the amount being packed so it can fit in the carry-on size. Now I realize this may strike fear in other females wondering about all the things we need to exist (blow dryer, slippers, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, etc.). Well wook happens to be an awesome enough of a person to have let me keep extra of those at his place in Florida so I didn't have to pack as much when I visited. Everybody now, aaawwwww.

And I do have the reputation of being the Master Packer in the family. Roll it, sinch it, squeeze it. That $#!t will fit! :)

Obviously tonight is the only night I have left to accomplish all my tasks (thanks Mr. Stomach for your cooperation last night), so that'll be it. I may have some evening blogs about what to pack that readers/stalkers are more than welcome to comment on. But that'll be after I get my hair-did at 630. (So it may be kinda late for you East Coast folk).

So as I make it to the airport tomorrow with possessions in stow and enough snacks to feed a Boy Scout troop, I'll be praying to the Weather Gods, the Airport Gods, the Crying Baby at the Back of the Aircraft Gods, and the Big Man Upstairs. I don't pray for zero delays (which would be nice, but let's be reasonable here as even Medford has a snow warning, lol). I pray for a Friday arrival. In one piece. Nerves only slight razzled, only because someone farted at the front of the plane leaving a green aerial film to trench through. With a beaming smile when I see that all-too-familiar charcoal rig pull up. Happy to get the world's biggest hug from the boy I've been dying to see.


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