Friday, February 18

away we go

5:33am wake up call. Don't judge.  It takes me a good hour to wake up in the morning.  And by 'wake up,' I mean indulge in coffee while Mr. Wookie and Sweet Pea are unconscious and delve into blog stalking.  Packed our snow gear.  Then we hit the road.

The open road.  The long drive.  And the white surroundings upon arrival.  We've ventured North to Mammoth Mountain for an extended weekend of some beverages (not that I've, not at all).  Oh, and friends.  Can't forget friends.

And this puppy love.

She was quite the good girl riding calmly in the back of the Jeep.  The first 30 minutes involved one app-shit dog, OMG, CAR RIDE, BANANAS, CAN'T WAIT, SO EXCITED, WATCH OUT!  Then she figured we weren't ditching her ass at some shelter like her last owners, she's coming along with her family on our little vacation.  Buckle down, sister, it's going to be a drive.  And so she alternated between boring herself with the landscape and taking naps.

So now we're here.  Indulging in liquid relaxation while all our guests pile in.


  1. People who take their puppies on vacations with them earn gold stars in my heart.

    Have fun! WAY jealous!

  2. Have tons of fan and post pictures!!!