Monday, February 14

happy birthday nephew

He was due February 10th, but said, "Eff that."  And I'd like to say for the record, his mama was very adamant in not having a cupid baby.

My brother and SIL stood strong despite needing to transport the little guy to a more-advanced NICU facility 3 hours away.  Maybe this is a sign he'll never be a hippie as he balked the idea of home birthing...

Now he's a healthy 1-year-old boy who's capable of so much more.  He can webcam with his Aunt Ging on Sundays while his parents are at church (for those who don't know Brother is a Children's Pastor), not like "Grandpa Sheriff" minds it.  He's working on his Associate's in Communications, with a Specialty in Chewing Food/Not Choking.  And from the looks of it above, demolishing all things green and yellow (really, who bought him that cake?!?!?).

Happy Birthday Little Ging.  I'll see you next month!

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