Thursday, February 24

Yays and Nays: Mammoth Edition

Yay to both roadtrip legs being uneventful.  This image is of the drive back at 8,000 feet/mountains at 10,000+ feet.  We barely beat the storm coming into town.  The house got over 2 feet of new snow just that night.  And yes, digging out of the garage was a bitch come Monday.  But let's not go there.  Sliding vehicles causes me anxiety and the need for a beverage.

Nay to Sweet Pea chewing through her leash during our return trip. We tether her in the back of the Jeep otherwise she'd be crawling in Mr. Wookie's lap...while we're driving...and that's a safety hazard in my book.  But it was great to see that she still stayed in the back despite not being restrained after she chewed through the leash.  At least the green is gone.

Nay to hangovers.  I'm pretty sure this is self-explanatory.  Blarg.

Yay to large bath tubs that can fit the Duggars.  Yes, this is the one I fell asleep in.  No, no alcohol was used to in my losing consciousness.  Only extreme relaxation.  And one helluva water heater.

Yay to shots.  Come back from snowboarding and are kinda cold?  Pony up to the bar, grab a shot, and insta-warm your belly.

Nay to waking up at 7:30am every morning.  No matter when we went to bed.

Nay to co-sleeping...with a dog who sleeps horizontal....and I get the ass end.  She snores, more than Mr. Wookie, she wiggles, but she produces a lot of body heat (okay, I admit, I do love that).  Now I know I won't co-sleep if I produce offspring.  Here at home, she sleeps on the ol' couch in the "Man Cave."  In Mammoth, we brought one of her beds but she didn't want to sleep there...which I can't blame her.  I have issues sleeping in new places too.  So we oomph'd her up to the bed where she proceeded to sleep past 7:30am.  Whatever it takes, people.

Yay to the dog who didn't terrorize the trip.  By the time we knew about this trip, there wasn't a lot of research into places we could board her.  We want reviews from other dog owners, perhaps a tour, and a good price (not necessarily cheap, but good in that she gets attention other than 2 meals a day).  So we took her with us.  And got plenty of love and affection from the gaggle of people.

And in case you wanted a tour of the first floor of the house, I got that...

Yes, this is how I sound when I talk to the dog.  Shut it.  She's cute and deserves that voice.  It's love.  And slight neurosis.

And no, that's not all the liquor for the weekend.  That was just what we brought to contribute.  We're not amateurs.  We were just the first to arrive.  And at least had the necessary items to wait out until others showed up.  Ice, tonic, and gin.  Record player with Bob Marley.  Party started.


  1. Oh gawd! That tub! Did you hear angels sing?

    And, the puppy is adorbs. Even with Zore, I've been feeling the itch for a pet. I'm thinking turtles. I might be giving big one a call in the nearer future.

  2. UM, I need to find 1.5 mil so I can buy that house and live there. How did you find the rental?

  3. What a place! Uh, that tub looks heavenly! Glad you had a great time. And I'm glad Sweet Pea can sleep past 7:30 AM. The Chihuahuas would sleep past 10 AM if I let them, only allowed on Saturday mornings.

  4. OMG that house was amazing and I'm so glad you were able to take Sweet Pea with you!!! It was a blast seeing her cute face in the video... LOVE IT!

    - Mel