Sunday, February 20

my life may get a bit more expensive

I didn't know a damn thing about Mammoth Mountain before getting here.  I knew it was a hefty drive from our location, and that I needed to pack snacks, and prepare road games as it'd be boring.  Well it was boring.  Very boring.

Mammoth seems like the perfect place for winter and summer.  Winter has all things snow-based, and who doesn't want to hike the summit of the Sierra Nevadas??  My dream.  The weather was either snowing hard or beautiful skies.  And there's even a local brewery.  Could life get any better?

Besides that trust fund, eh Dad?

But now that we've been here for a few days, I think I may have had an epiphany.  I've missed hanging out with that boy of mine because he was better traversing 11,000 feet atop Mammoth.  Despite loads of fresh powder and 40 mph winds, he's been making the most of his lift ticket (and military discount!).  There hasn't been any snowshoeing for him.  And I'm starting to feel defeat.  "If you can't beat him, join him."  So for the past bit, I've been researching skiing and snowboarding since I feel the need to take up this passion with him.  What better way to spend quality time than him trying to teach this pain-in-the-ass redhead (who doesn't like sucking at anything) how to roll gracefully down the slopes without yardsale-ing like a n00b.

"Yard Sale:" When a snowboarder eats it on the slopes and loses all their gear.

I am open to comments on the pros and cons to each.  I have long-boarded before in college, so I get that motion.  And I have also water ski'd, so that's another similarity.  It's just up to preference and renting both equipment to see which one makes me each less shit.  Because the less shit I eat, the more my stomach can the way of liquid relaxation.

But snowshoeing will always be a love.  No lift ticket, just human energy.  You, snowshoes, the mountain, and your camera.  And hopefully a GPS so when you wander off trail because you saw a bunny and thought of dinner, you can find your way back home.  And a flask should your soul need warming.

Oh, and I totally took a bath tonight before changing into pajamas since it's 15 degrees here.  Yes...I fell asleep in the tub.  It was glorious.

I'm the proud killer of the Bombay Sapphire.
My dad would be proud.

I feel the need now for the Wookie & Co. household to ditch a week off our schedules to shack up at some resort while I test the waters on careening down a mountain face forward or sideways.  This way I can take advantage of a random weekday where only the minimal amount of people are there.  I have a thing against making an ass out of myself in front of huge crowds.  This is also why I have 3 blog followers.  Keeps the humiliation to a minimum.

After all, after a day of slopes you want to shower (I like this), eat (I really like this), and imbibe (I'm quite good at this).  Then there's BenGay (I love the smell of old men), Advil (tastes like candy), and hanging out with the dog since I'm not about to strap her ass to a board and wish her luck.

Us girls have been having a great time lounging, napping, zonking indoors as Mr. Wookie defends freedom practices videoing and snowboarding.  As long as she has her blanket, she can sleep anywhere.  And as long as I can cuddle with her butt, I can sleep anywhere.


  1. My thoughts:
    1) Either is going to be expensive.
    2) I've only ever skiied, but I enjoyed it even though I'm a klutz, I don't particularly enjoy nature, and I get cold in temps below 65.
    3) Snowboarding looks hard, and like it requires more balance. But it also looks more bad-ass.

    Either way, I say try it out... if it doesn't work, you can always fall back on the "read a book and drink in the warm chalet while the men battle the hills" plan :).

  2. OccDoc and I refuse to try either snowboarding or skiing because I would probably kill myself or come close and we really don't need another expensive hobby. Everyone makes fun of us out here, but whatever, more room for us in the mountainside hot tub.

  3. I love Mammoth! We used to go up there to camp/fish every year when I was little.

    I'm going the opposite way of NavyGirl - my brother and sister (neither of whom are athletically gifted or particularly graceful) love snowboarding. I've always thought that's what I'd try if I tried either. Skiing for some reason scares the crap out of me.

    But I do like the "read a book and drink in the warm chalet while the men battle the hills" plan.

  4. I.Must.Go.To.Mammoth.Mountain.


  5. I started skiing as a kid, and moved on to snowboarding in my early teens. I'll probably never return to skiing at the point.

    If you're looking to fall less start with skiing. It's easy to get good fast on skis with minimal wiping out, but hard to get good on skis without a lot of logged hours. Good meaning on hard hard Blue and Black diamond hills.

    Snowboarding is easy to quickly go from a newbie to intermediate, and the easiest I think for finding you get get down anything you accidentally find in your path. BUT, as a beginner you will fall, A LOT.

    LIKE TONS. But once you get it, the falling becomes less.

    So, it's all about how much you think you'll be on the mountain a year, and how much you're willing to fall to get good.

    And, how cool you want to look doing it. :)

  6. Thanks for following and the comment! I am following you back. I have been skiing since I was 4 and snowboarding since I was 17 and I think both are pretty easy to learn. However it seems like I busted it hard more on my snowboard. Once you get the hang of it you will do great :)