Thursday, February 17

the story of this morning

Somehow I found it entertaining to stay up with Mr. Wookie, talk dog, this weekend, upcoming weekends, work, vacations, dog training, and more.  Then we realized it was past 12:30am...shit.

This is how this morning is looking.  Lots of caffeine.  Reason #1 I'm not Mormon.

Yes, the soy creamer is mine. I'm experimenting with cutting out all lactose. I can get quite the distended belly from greek yogurt, cow milk, etc., so I'm trying something new.  I call it the quit-looking-pregnant-thanks-to-dairy movement. So far, so good.

Maybe one day I'll document my 4-month-pregnant-looking belly.

I had stories planned out for this week's posts.  But then, randomly, life launches into a time-warp continuum and I misplace my blogging ability behind one of Sweet Pea's chewtoys.

A call yesterday at 2:00pm had me failing to remember Wives Group last night, that it was a baby shower, and that it was 30 minutes away.

So I come home, grab a snack (I was starving), then jumped into the friend's car for carpool action.

Yup, no gift.  Wives Group fail.

So obviously this week you didn't see any posts on Sweet Pea.  Or Mr. Wookie.  Or myself.  Blogging fail.

I want nothing more right now than let Sweet Pea out to use the bathroom, come back in, tuck her back into her bed, throw my ass back in bed, and sleep until nature deems it appropriate to rise 'n shine.  Ain't gonna happen today.

When does the weekend start??? Not soon enough.


  1. Ugh. I'm not sure there is enough coffee on earth to help me out this morning.
    I have a cold. Can't sleep.
    I also have an infant. Shoot. Me. Now.

  2. I too am experimenting with the quit looking pregnant thanks to dairy movement.

    It is harder than I thought it would be.

  3. I do not know how the Mormons do it. No caffeine, no booze, no cleavage, and absolutely no talking to that annoyed army wife shoveling snow off her walkway chilling her beer in a snow drift (oh yeah, that's how I roll) by herself. Again. They never cease to amaze me.