Friday, February 25

going vegan: the plan

@ I'm thinking we should go vegan for a week. Hold each other accountable. What do you think?
It's been decided.  I'm going vegan.  For one week.  Along with Baby Sister.  For shits and giggles.  It starts Saturday and will run through Friday.  My coffee doesn't have any issues with this since I use soy creamer.  However, Honey Nut Cheerios are NOT vegan.  Honey = bees = not vegan.  So maybe oatmeal for breakfast with fruit or brown sugar?

I'll be having my produce delivery on Saturday, so I'll use that to create a meal plan for the week.  But let's get on board with not eating animals or their byproducts.  Because everyone could use a detox.  And there's no way I'm giving up my vodka.

Am I trying to prove anything?  Nope.  Do I care that Oprah's staff went vegan?  Nope.  Why am I doing this again?  Because Baby Sister wanted me to do it with her.  So I am.  That's what sisters do.  That and always give you wise words of advice for your 21st birthday.

While I have wavered on vegetarianism, I've had no desire for veganism.  I admire those who choose to cut out certain products because it improves their lives.  Whether you have gluten issues or lactose intolerance, do what makes you healthy and happy.  I personally love the taste of bacon.  It's amazing.  I also looove reducing my carbon footprint by eating less meat and more vegetables.  I do feel that red meat has great iron and protein qualities, so I won't cut it out completely.  But a steak everyday has more saturated fat than I'd like to introduce to my body.  It just comes down to "Am I in the mood to save money? or "Am I looking at reducing my trash quantity?"  Because vegetarian it is.

But for the next week, the bacon and eggs are safe.  As is the cheese.


  1. I'm curious to see how this goes!

    Vegan is tough. I was vegetarian for like a year, but now I occasionally eat red meat or pork (like once a month). Probably eat chicken once a week, and fish once a week.

  2. I totally reads this as going to Vegas, which I am 100% in support of...going vegan? Not so much. Good luck! :)

  3. I ate oatmeal and fruit for breakfast for pretty much the entire year I was vegan. Good luck!