Saturday, February 19

life is rough here in the mountains

We weren't sure how she would like the snow.  We live near the beach.  We enjoy beach weather, beach bodies, and lounging in the sun.  This white shit...worried me.  But we like the snow.  We tromp through it.  We even pee and poop in it.

Disclaimer: She's only out for the duration of bathroom needs.  And no, I didn't find it necessary to buy her ass some boots.  Every time she comes back in, we wipe her paws off and all that necessary shtuff.  No worries.  We still have a happy, lazy dog with full circulation.

There may have been a couple gin and tonics, a few more gin and Diet Cokes (I was too lazy to walk to the fridge for more tonic....and it's actually quite delicious).  And I don't remember this picture.  So naturally that means I had a great night.  And for the record: A hangover-free morning.

Really, it's a rough life to be on vacation with dog lovers.  She's suffering.


  1. Oh, she is suffering! Poor thing! I think boots for dogs are kind of lame. Even my spoiled Chihuahuas don't have boots (jackets are another story however).

  2. You both disgust me, that place looks beautiful...

  3. I'm jonesin for that kitchen! And those Cool Ranch Doritos!